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  1. denwyn

    Tent or awning by motirhome

    Thanks, my daughter wants to try for tickets in 2019, with view of taking a motorhome, with awning or tent. I have a motorhome and did take it a couple of years back,but it was only me so no need for awning etc. I do remember a few heated talks between a few others and people putting awnings and tents up, I just couldn't remember any rules. I didn't enjoy motorhome experience, with people near by with petrol generator running, and others who can't control there kids. She wants to use my motorhome, but neither her or husband keen on driving it, and I'm not keen on going in it. So stale mate at moment. Thanks for info.
  2. denwyn

    Tent or awning by motirhome

    What are the rules on putting up a two man tent next to or awning on your motirhome at Glastonbury.
  3. denwyn

    The size of the crowds

    Crowd size and saftey was one of the reasons i didnt bother to try for a ticket this year, oh and last years mudbath didnt help. Id love to see the capacity reduced by say 20,000 and put ticket price up to compensate, it would make it much easier to get around and safer. year Lionel Richie was there was truly scary, daughter had panic attack, was awful, only for the security staff who soon sorted out the idiots pushing past her i dread to think what would have happened, they got her out and off to medical. To many stupid youngsters who cant handle there drink causing a lot of problems. ok so im a oldie, who will probably get blasted for this, but Eavis needs to look at overcrowding. I have said i wont go back, but the other half is now talking about 2019, at he moment im sticking to my guns and dont want to bother, time will tell.
  4. denwyn

    Not at Glastonbury need cheering up!

    Didnt bother to try for ticket this year . Had enough after last years mudbath, and decided to call it a day after many years. Am i missing it ?? Not as much as i thought, i only ever went for the music anyway, living fairly local made getting there fairly easy, never really a problem with that, i am not missing all the other stuff on site at all. in the past Ive been it in Camper van, but hated that, to far out from festival. Even done it going home at end of day to my own bed, that was ok, but while i was parked near site on first day coming back to site i was miles away in another car park. Oh and did it on Sunday Local ticket about three times now, thats really good, bused in and out, no waiting, esy car parking. I will do that again on occasions, but as for doing three days again, thats no longer for me, going to try a few smaller festivals.
  5. denwyn

    flushing toilets

    Only ever use long drops, and plenty of hand gel after. Porta-loos after a couple of days are not recommended . Oh and Hover,never sit if you can help it..Lol
  6. denwyn

    Buying water - anywhere less expensive?

    I tended to avoid the tap water there, never like taste of it. Afraid bottled water prices a rip off at Glastonbury, no real option but to grit your teeth and pay. Not just a Glastonbury problem, prices are extortionate at many other festivals and large events. Don't even think of buying ANYTHING from one of those ice cream vans,there probably one of the biggest rip offs there.
  7. denwyn

    New security measures in place

    Why do you need all this stuff, it's a music festival,the music is supplied,you don't need to bring your own speakers. Just need your tent,sleeping bag, change of clothes,torch,simple toiletries oh and few bin bags. Life is so complicated these days.
  8. denwyn

    New security measures in place

    Searches are done for a reason,not for fun.People were warned about them,pack light. Don't want another,Manchester. Just accept it, it's going to be a regular thing at all festivals, etc. Better to be safe than sorry.
  9. denwyn

    16:30 Tuesday Gate D punter q report

    What the hell is someone taking a Bose radio to Glastonbury for, absolutley daft.
  10. denwyn

    New security measures in place

    Nothing mentioned at selling at inflated prices, Both tickets sold for each £100, which they were happy with. as for ethics, ive never been into any of that shit, only ever went to Glastonbury for music,that was enough for us,i do understand lots go for the hippy stuff, thats ok, but it has never been of interest to us, everyone to his own. The tents were absolutley knackered, we took them down and dumped them by by stewards on way out. they were ok with this
  11. denwyn

    New security measures in place

    You did better than me, by 6 o'clock Sunday night we were leaving, had enough of the mud etc. Very lucky to get off site fairly quick. Left tent etc behind, ok goes against ethics, just wanted out of there. Both gave a lot of thought to trying for tickets again, but decided not to try again, and move on to some smaller festivals instead. Had some good times at Glastonbury, and a few bad as well, mostly weather issues. Enough is Enough. I did get a couple of tickets for daughters, one an old hand and the other would gave been a newbie. Unfortunately the newbie changed her mind re Manchester terror attack, and wouldn't go, her sitster reluctantly agreed, was past getting refund date, but they were lucky to sell tickets on at a good price. I respect there views, it's sad though, but both myself and wife are in a way happy there not going. It is one of the best music festivals going, but with the way the world is today, much stronger security measures, no matter how inconvenient are needed. This will become the norm I'm afraid. Everyone chill out accept the extra security, be safe and enjoy the music.
  12. denwyn

    New security measures in place

    So glad i didnt bother for ticket this year. i totally agree with much tighter security all round, but dont think i could have the patience to be in queues for hours in this heat. Had some good times at Glastonbury, will miss some of it. For a change the weather looks really good, last year killed it for me. So take it easy and enjoy what is possibly the best festival in the UK
  13. denwyn

    New security measures in place

    Crude opportunists they may be, I'd rather have proper searches than seeng more innocent people murdered or injured. Concerts,Festivals anywhere with large crowds an opportunist target.
  14. denwyn

    New security measures in place

    Let's hope they have a proper search routine, with trained security. That will speed it up a little. I doubt they will check everyone even though I feel they should. Festivals are easy targets for terrorists, and stepped up security is needed.
  15. denwyn

    Security post london & Manchester

    Tickets now sold and paid for.