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  1. I’ve followed this band for a good few years, there live shows are always good. I can’t see them playing Glastonbury, don’t really think they do the big festivals at all. There much better in much smaller events.
  2. I helped out when my friends wanted to go, I was the only way be to get through. I'm now not doing the full 3'days, do canceled ticket. Done quite a few Sundays there over the years,as well as 3 days plus. I suppose I didn't really think it through, at 70 I think I will be more than happy with Sunday only,.
  3. I did get a full ticket along with 5 for friends, cancelled mine two days later, so felt very lucky to get local ticket this morning. Have never known it sell out for locals this quick. Maybe they need to increase amount for locals, and cut back accordingly on full tickets, or narrow the local area.
  4. denwyn

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Woops didn't realise that,never mind I'm getting all money back anyway. Nothing would entire me ever to go for three days again,been there done that and happy with one these days.
  5. denwyn

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I was persuaded to help some friends out last night and try and get them tickets, even though I don't want to go myself. they are paying the difference me to return my ticket so I lose nothing. I had my doubts I would get any but I was so lucky and obtained 5 tickets for them after trying for about 15 mins, they couldn't get a look in using laptop, desktop and phones, I just used my desktop. Looking at the issues people seem to have had this year it seems worse than ever. They really need to get more efficient servers to cope with the demand at See Tickets. So at least one ticket will be going back in the pot for the resales. This may bugger me up trying for a Sunday ticket, I will See tickets to cancel mine next week, so may be ok for them, I'm not to bothered, done many Glastonbury's, after the Mud bath in 2016, I called it a day, its got to big, and to many part time hippies, and cant understand why people pay £200 plus when there either on the bloody mobile or in the queue to charge it.
  6. denwyn

    Pink Floyd?

    Would be amazing to do the same sort of set as " Live at Pompeii ", although I some how cant see them playing as Pink Floyd more just Dave Gilmour. Sunday night on Pyramid would be so good, at least I could then guarantee I would be there, even if I don't get a full festival ticket. I think though they blew any chance of getting them a few years back. we will probably end with Paul McCartney...Just so boring.
  7. Crowd size and saftey was one of the reasons i didnt bother to try for a ticket this year, oh and last years mudbath didnt help. Id love to see the capacity reduced by say 20,000 and put ticket price up to compensate, it would make it much easier to get around and safer. year Lionel Richie was there was truly scary, daughter had panic attack, was awful, only for the security staff who soon sorted out the idiots pushing past her i dread to think what would have happened, they got her out and off to medical. To many stupid youngsters who cant handle there drink causing a lot of problems. ok so im a oldie, who will probably get blasted for this, but Eavis needs to look at overcrowding. I have said i wont go back, but the other half is now talking about 2019, at he moment im sticking to my guns and dont want to bother, time will tell.
  8. denwyn

    Headliners 2015

    Cause I didn't get a full ticket and only a Sunday one I'm megga pleased they have cancelled, make my day and book Coldplay ME.
  9. denwyn

    Headliners 2015

    Only if they have access to a Tardis
  10. denwyn

    Kanye west confirmed

    You could never say Glastonbury line ups are boring.I can't stand bloody hip hop at all, but many do want this at Glastonbury, I'm not convinced its right for this festival, but I'm old school, and will give the Pyramid a wide berth, always plenty more to see. People should get used to acts like this,with Emily more and more involved, you can expect more like this from now on.Time will tell if its the right thing to do.
  11. denwyn


    Lost my expensive Sony Camera there last year,well i think £180 is expensive,i count myself very lucky as it was found and handed in, i got it back about 4 weeks after the festival. I will be taking it again this year,i don't see any point in using a cheap camera instead. Only thing i don't take is my decent mobile,use a very basic spare phone,with a couple of spare batteries. Money is kept in money belt,every thing else i take has no value at all. Never tried the lockups,have heard they are quite good though.
  12. denwyn

    Wheelie bins

    Looking at fitting ours to the sack truck,should fit easy as well and its never been used so no conning the council for another.
  13. Leonard Cohen....Hallelujah
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