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    Music<br />Bands seen: BSP, Mystery Jets, Automatic(whoever else played dot to dot 06'), Arcade Fire, Muse, Incubus(and their support bands which i cant remember, their 06' 07' tours anyway), The Subways , Sunshine Underground, We are Scientists, Good shoes, Biffy clyro, brakes, the cribs, kate nash, cat weasels, too many indie bands at dot to dot 07' that i can't recollect, not great :/, Loadsa support that i didn't catch the name of. More bands that i can't probably recollect

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  1. ryyder

    Hot Chip

    If the presale code is generic, could someone please share it with me? I really want to catch them in Bristol!
  2. 1.Arcade Fire (by a stupidly long way) 2.The Libertines(who knows how long this reunion will last) 3.LCD Soundsystem(One of the bands I really I want to tick off my 'To see list'
  3. Let's be honest, 3OH!3 bring the music scene to a new low. I'm not sure if they're meant to be a joke or not
  4. From a person who has seen both (and went to both through my own choice, so this isn't a biased opinion) definitely Arcade Fire. Arcade Fire-Great atmosphere, breathtaking, funny(someone lobbed a shoe at Win Butler) and a really great set and performance Pendulum-Terrible sound set-up, crap interaction with the audience, just pretty poor showmanship, if you want loud noises(I stress noises) to jump around to go to them.
  5. Arcade Fire have been coined as the best in the world. David Bowie's favourite band. You question them but don't cross out limp bizkit??
  6. From my experiences the rioting was pretty extreme when I last went, all the pylons being dragged down and so on, not dangerous, just crazy- and that was after The Killers headlining, thoughts on what it's going to be like with G n R, especially if they're late on and cock around the audience?
  7. Better than the crap that is KoL(the first two albums are good in my books, the latest was boring tripe) and Arctic Monkeys who were crap live G n R aren't my cup of tea but they are f**king huge, Arcade Fire are thought of as one of the best bands in the world by critics, and have an immense live atmosphere, a Libertine reunion(if they are for some reason a headliner) would have tons of hype surrounding it-setting reading/leeds above other festivals. Blink 182 are a bit boring in my book, but there first and only UK concert in how many years? The exclusivity of it all makes it good, and the fact that none of these huge bands have toured in a long time
  8. Word gets around with critically hailed bands, they certainly haven't lost any fans.
  9. Daphne and Celeste playing between RATM and Slipknot...oh wait
  10. QOTSA brought a huge audience to the main stage in 08-it'd be stupid to put them in a tent Arcade Fire do arena tours and have played the same slot as QOTSA before(regardless of whether you like them or not, they clearly have a large fan base-which hasn't reduced in size particularly)-it'd be stupid to put them in a tent, even if they are less riotous than QOTSA Expect the usual Indie type of headliners plus Hole: W.A.S Hole MGMT/Maccabees/Interpol Lockup: Bad Religion Gallows(?) FR: Delphic The xx Broken Bells/Late of the Pier/Bon Iver
  11. Most people who have been here long enough know only be slightly skeptical of Neil, as he gets it right a huge majority of the time-especially with reading/leeds, the sites reputation is important. Yes a different headliner is possible, but it's extremely unlikely that he hasn't heard of it this close to the announcement. I get the impression this blur rumour has come from speculation and wishful thinking.
  12. Arcade Fire and QOTSA are far too big for a tent. NME We are scientists Hole MGMT Lock Up Bad Religion NoFX or Gallows FR The Horrors The xx The big pink/Delphic
  13. 05-Foo fighters/KoL 03-Blur/white stripes..Metallica/SOAD 02-Foo fighters/muse
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