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  1. I love the festival and the line-up very much but I think this is a trainwreck.
  2. They won't add "big" names like Yann Tiersen, imo. But I guess some kind of 20th birthday celebration shows are planned in cooperation with their main sponsors.
  3. What we know so far: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever on Monday The Jesus And Mary Chain + Metronomy on Wednesday (most likely Parc Del Forum) City Slang: Boy Harsher, Afrodeutsche, Health, Roosevelt, Noga Erez, Le Hammond Inferno, Coma, Jakuzi on Wednesday (most likely Sala Apolo) Pitchfork Stage Thursday: Kim Gordon, black midi, Sampa the Great, Girl in Red, Rina Sawayama, Kampire & Decay: Bunu Bop, Carla Pitchfork Stage Friday: Earl Sweatshirt, Fontaines D.C., Mariah the Scientist, Helado Negro, Chaqueta de Chandal, Young Marco Pitchfork Stage Saturday: Jawbox, DIIV, Caroline Polacheck, Shame, Tim Burgess, Leon Vynehall, Crudo Pimento Auditori Thursday: AEAEA Auditori Saturday: Maria Del Mar Bonet, Jenny Hval
  4. There has to be a reason why there is no press release on the official site and why they are holding back the official poster with day splits? Maybe they are still working on something.
  5. Twist: it isn‘t coming out tomorrow 😌
  6. Yep it is the release the line-up motherfuckers mega show. Frequency, Radio Primavera...how could we not see this.
  7. In PS Office 2014 is seen as the best PS Line-Up until now. And it's no coincidence that they picked up 2014's hashtag #bestfestivalever for this coming edition.
  8. Better get your pain killers ready, then.
  9. Just let it go. The poster won't be announced this week.
  10. So you guys are hyped for yet another week with no news?
  11. 20th is an optimistic guess, though.
  12. It will be long two weeks for all of us.
  13. No and no. See you guys in 2 weeks!
  14. 2019 is not the benchmark for Primavera Sound. They are willing to spend money on headliners when there is availability - which wasn't the case last year. The poster this year will look very different compared to last year.
  15. No, they are stopping because they got so many negative responses regarding their pricing strategy (higher prices and still no Line-Up). Many blind buyers felt betrayed with the poster last year. They just can‘t move on with 195 € and release the poster at the end of January as usual. Social media would be a nightmare for them in the following weeks.
  16. There has been an even bigger marketing campaign for 2018 and it was launched on the exact same date: 19.12.
  17. Was mentioning her because of her name I don't believe that anyone gets confirmed on Los Reyes Day. If you look at the prices of 2016 (or 2017) it was exactly the same (poster came on 21st), the 8th seems to be a date they want the prices to go up like this year (and next year). It's clearly an economical decision and not related to the poster release.
  18. I am not so sure. This year the prices went up on the 8th of January, too (7th is the last day to buy tickets at the current price 2020) and it was not connected to the line-up reveal. I guess this is timed to when people in Spain might be able to spend money on tickets. I guess the poster will be released on 21th of January, classic Primavera stuff. Maybe they are giving us Lana Del Rey on Los Reyes Day on the billboard.
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