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  1. Cheers for that, will add it asap.


  2. RAR Driving routes

    Pick a campsite from North, South, East, West and approach from that direction

    To Calais I went Monshau the Leige, missed all the traffic:-)

    Hope it helps, not going this year

  3. Hiya

    Beer was €3 with a €1 cup deposit, was warsteiner and i notice a lot less were drinking that years before, maybe price or just the fact its crap beer

    Map wise is all here isnt it??


  4. Hey mate. Probably fate or so :-) Has it's up and downs, bigger presents ppossible for christmas and bday combined, but nothing going on in summer. Rock on!

  5. Hey just checking out your profile and saw that you have the same B'day as me...rock on!

  6. Thanks for your advice about camping at RAR. Your a star!!

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