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  1. si_t

    Kanye west confirmed

    Just watched the queen bit..... Ha ha ha. That really is a new level of shit.
  2. si_t

    Rolling Stones...

    I don't think they were.
  3. si_t

    Rolling Stones...

    watched it on tv - found myself just thinking "why the hell didn't you do this 20 years ago, when you were up to it?"
  4. si_t

    the reggae thread

    some good reggae on tongiht in Bristol - at the Attic bar. Resonators album launch with Dub from atlantis too. Not sure if this is what this reggae thread is for, but I felt the need to tell somebody - and this seems as good a place as any.
  5. si_t

    the reggae thread

    I hope the one love peace festy does better with Barrington than Boomtown did last year... It still hurts.