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  1. After some directions from Andy, hopefully I will be in a more sober state this year and find my way to the benches
  2. I don't think Matti has anything up anywhere, and I think M48 are no more
  3. JakeBoz


    It'd be better if the ad wasn't after the first post and at the top instead
  4. Some good artists in there but nothing of headline quality, when will we see headline announcements? Bit disappointing really not to see headliners. Last year Chipmunk, this year Tinchy, are we going to see a GOOD Grime/UK Hip Hop artist attend Summer Sundae?!!
  5. Can we get tickets before? If so where?
  6. That's what I meant, with Mr.Haswell (sadly) not working at DMH at the moment, it's questionable whether it's going to happen next year.
  7. Isn't it still in debate whether there will even be a SS10?
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