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  1. Cheshire Cat

    Bearded Theory 2018

    the set in the tea tent is Beardy Keith doing his Punk Uke jam and that is indeed Les Carter playing bass with him, they are good friends and Les plays bass in most of his uke jams
  2. Cheshire Cat

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Yep that is Gails/Somwthing Else Tea tent, has been at every Bearded since the very first. Its had a couple of upgrades of tent and stage, its now completely solar powered and serves tea, cake and boozy coffee 24hrs
  3. Cheshire Cat

    Things that ur happy about

    Council ok about it but complaints from neighbours making it difficult I think, not sure where it will go but Im sure it will evolve somehow.
  4. Cheshire Cat

    Things that ur happy about

    Delightfully crusty, I like that. SEITD is a beautiful festival but this year will be the last one at the Dean site
  5. Cheshire Cat

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Be patient, takes about a week to get a reply, I know they said they had a meeting about accessible camping last weekend.
  6. Cheshire Cat

    Bearded Theory 2018

    The official line is small tent or awning, there was a lot of discussion about it last year on their own forum or facebook page(cant remember which)
  7. Cheshire Cat

    Something Else in the Dean 2017

    I will be in a Hymer van probably in the disabled area or 'crips corner' as we call it as my husband has mobility issues and will definitely be at the uke jams.
  8. Cheshire Cat

    Something Else in the Dean 2017

    I dont post very often but I will be there been to the last 2 and most of the Something Elses for the last 3 years. Trust me you dont need any more clues and you will want to stroke his sequin jacket but is it silver or blue?
  9. Cheshire Cat

    Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    Ooo like the sound of rum brownies, I would make them rum and raisin. As for tips, mine is gluten free, other than that Im not giving away my secrets you will have to buy the book, its a fundraiser for Gail to clear the debts of the tea tent partly incurred during the tornado at Bearded, she may have some to sell from the tea tent at Bearded Im not sure https://somethingelsefests.bandcamp.com/merch/the-se-veggie-cookbook
  10. Cheshire Cat

    Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    Yep Sydney, shes been to couple of BTs with us before, the last one being the Australian themed one the week before she left to live out there. ps- gin and tonic drizzle cake is one of my recipes
  11. Cheshire Cat

    Bearded Theory Festival 2017

    About 85 miles for me but step daughter will clock up 10,951miles
  12. Cheshire Cat

    General News Discussion

    Its not bashing the current government for the sake of it, this government were the ones who got rid of Remploy factories
  13. Cheshire Cat

    Efests Recipe Book

    They can be bought dried from ebay I think, my fella definitely got some from the internet somewhere, they come with serious warnings about how to use them. I have a plant germinated from their seeds but it hasn't got chilli's on yet. We gave some to a friend who is into making his own curries and thought he could take the heat so despite the warnings he put two in a curry(I think he chopped them up whereas I have always left them whole and taken them out before serving). He reported having one mouthful and feeling a rush of heat then tingling all over and his heart beating, next thing he knew he was on the floor and he was coming round after blacking out, so be very careful with them. edit to add - Not sure if what we had was Naga Viper or just naga