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  1. Deleting social media doesn't delete everything they've done previously. There is no mention of this act anywhere on the internet prior to 2 months ago (and even then it's just a fake wikipedia entry). There's no record of the albums they've supposedly released over the last 7 years. There's no record of the single concert we know of, from 2019 supposedly, which is almost certainly faked by the new (and since deleted) wikipedia account that created their wikipedia entry 6 weeks ago, let alone any other concert. There's no record of anyone with that name and the moniker Quimera https://www.google.com/search?q=Salvador+Rodríguez+quimera yet someone knows all about their life and birthplace and DOB and family and background to put a supposedly real bio on wikipedia. Nowhere else on the internet seems to have any of this information. 30k on tiktok and instagram isn't a "heavy audience" either, especially when the posts on instagram at least have almost no engagement. Almost certainly just bot farm followers that have been purchased. Even if they had kept their social media accounts deleted, there would be genuine mentions, photos and records of this artist in other outlets. There are none. It is 100% not a real artist.
  2. there is no such artist/releases on Discogs, or any of the other release cataloging sites i've checked, and google returns basically nothing for "quimera angel in the dark", so this is 100% not a real artist IMO, and definitely some ruse. e: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:FkcT4CuRfJUJ:https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quimera_(cantante)+&cd=17&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ie&client=firefox-b-d https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Quimeradirecto.jpg Description Español: Quimera en la sala Razzmatazz en 2019 Date 20 May 2021 Source Own work Author Celiakcongluten Can't find any mention of any such artist at Razzmatazz either. User account that uploaded the photo only registered 6 weeks ago too: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Special:CentralAuth?target=Celiakcongluten
  3. Kacey Musgraves and Girl in Red are overlapping by 5mins on the Mordor side-by-side stages..... Guessing GiR will have the last 10mins of her set chopped off.
  4. I know there's always going to be clashes, but there seems to be some really poor scheduling for acts of the same styles that would have the exact same fanbases.
  5. @Orens posted the screenshots on the previous page.
  6. Because it's Primavera 😂 Genuinely one of the worst festivals for communications I've ever seen. I was away last week but I see that they only acknowledged Ciutat cancellations like Jamie XX, Disclosure and Charli XCX when people pressed them on it on social media, despite putting up posters days before with them still playing... *awaits the standard apologists trying to deflect from PS being appalling because Mad Cool are also fucking shit*
  7. Well it does, actually, because the day before doesn't leave much time to plan what you're going to see with others, or listen to acts that are playing during times when you've nothing on. If i've 3hrs of a gap, and several acts playing different stages during that time, it'd be nice to know now, so that I can give them a proper listen. If I don't find that out until the day before, then basically I'm probably just going to skip the unknown to me/probably smaller acts that I would have otherwise had a chance to listen to and maybe see.
  8. In 20+ years of attending festivals around the world, I think, pound-for-pound, Primavera are by far the worst for communication and providing clear information.
  9. I emailed today and received this: Seems like BS, as it was sold out previously, and people on reddit have been able to return tickets to the Waiting List occasionally it seems. that's for a Weekend 1 ticket btw.
  10. Did you receive any response from Dice? I have the same issue, want to put a ticket on the waiting list, but it says it's unavailable....
  11. QOTSA were "dead certs" on here for months. No idea if they've been ruled out or people decided they weren't being booked now because of the Homme/Brody Dalle allegations. Dua Lipa George Ezra
  12. Foals Noel Gallagher Lorde Wolf Alice Doja Cat Pet Shop Boys Elbow (at a push) ...plenty of options.
  13. lol Wolf Alice are not headlining Glastonbury 2022 jfc
  14. I'm sure they'd support in the UK too if they were paid accordingly. Probably have their own dates already booked during the Euro leg. The Strokes have shown multiple times that they mainly care about the money. Pretty sure one of them said as much before. The fact that the money they want is usually headliner-sized is probably more of a coincidence. Give them 20m and they'd probably open the Other Stage.
  15. Pink is a big LGBTQ icon, basically every lesbian I know went to see her when she toured here last.
  16. But everyone kept saying that they were dead certs to headline the festival over the next few years? 🤔
  17. RHCP on tour in Europe next summer.
  18. I'd be surprised if they're still on speaking terms come next June. Or that this isn't just a simple cash-grab that WH (or the rest of G) would shell out for.
  19. ghostdancer1


    Completely zoned out about 15mins into this. Just so dull. Can't even remember most of the songs now that I've finished it, and no desire to bother again.
  20. Jurassic 5 2014 vid is on themixingbowl.org, along with Arcade Fire (1080i), and basically every other set from 2104 that was broadcast, as well as various videos from years before that.
  21. Just got offered and bought a Weekend 1 ticket from the waiting list.
  22. Cassandra Jenkins Bicep girl in red
  23. ghostdancer1


    Shit song, and that statement makes her seem, yet again, like an utterly dreadful arsehole.
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