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  1. I'm sure they'd support in the UK too if they were paid accordingly. Probably have their own dates already booked during the Euro leg. The Strokes have shown multiple times that they mainly care about the money. Pretty sure one of them said as much before. The fact that the money they want is usually headliner-sized is probably more of a coincidence. Give them 20m and they'd probably open the Other Stage.
  2. Pink is a big LGBTQ icon, basically every lesbian I know went to see her when she toured here last.
  3. But everyone kept saying that they were dead certs to headline the festival over the next few years? 🤔
  4. RHCP on tour in Europe next summer.
  5. I'd be surprised if they're still on speaking terms come next June. Or that this isn't just a simple cash-grab that WH (or the rest of G) would shell out for.
  6. ghostdancer1


    Completely zoned out about 15mins into this. Just so dull. Can't even remember most of the songs now that I've finished it, and no desire to bother again.
  7. Jurassic 5 2014 vid is on themixingbowl.org, along with Arcade Fire (1080i), and basically every other set from 2104 that was broadcast, as well as various videos from years before that.
  8. Just got offered and bought a Weekend 1 ticket from the waiting list.
  9. Cassandra Jenkins Bicep girl in red
  10. ghostdancer1


    Shit song, and that statement makes her seem, yet again, like an utterly dreadful arsehole.
  11. They didn't empty venues for previous city club gigs, eg. gigs at the Sala Apolo in 2019, so there's little chance they'll do it this time either. Basically if you want to see an act there, you'd want to be there pretty close to doors opening (and if you've a GA ticket, pray that there aren't many other priority ticket holders there too).
  12. In 2019 it didn't sell out until the day the festival started (if at all).
  13. Looking at @slowdive's excel sheet, Jamie xx playing in LAUT, which googling tells me is a 230-person, 245m2 venue. I assume that he won't be doing a live show in that venue, and just a regular DJ set there, even though it isn't billed as such.
  14. Usually, doesn't sell out. Post-pandemic, who knows.... Two weekends also complicates matters, many Weekend1 tickets will be kept, Weekend2 is essentially completely new. So I'd imagine whatever W1 spares are left will sell out very quickly. My advice would be to but W1 ticket ASAP. W2 can probably be got at a later date, or if it sells out, easy enough to pick up a re-sale ticket next year.
  15. Well i guess if you only care about headliners, then sure.... For me, there's loads on the undercard for weekend 2 that I want to see...
  16. Disagree completely. There's only 10 acts doing both weekends. The vast majority aren't. e: People might have missed the colour codes. They key is in the top right. Purple = playing both weekends.
  17. Plus the midweek shows are spread across multiple venues, so logistically you're probably not going to be able to see all the ones you want. All very well having Beck, Jawbox, Jehnny Beth and King Giz playing on one night, not so much when they're playing at roughly the same time at 2/3 different venues. I suppose the upside is that you can probably get all of them in if you're doing both weekends. Instead of one great lineup on one weekend, this feels like two good lineups across two weekends. Not unsurprising really, it's all about making money at the end of the day.
  18. Still can't believe King Princess was a headliner for 2020 😂
  19. Same, I think it's because all the songs were off the new album which I'm not mad on. Would have preferred if they'd mixed in a few from the previous albums.
  20. Playing in Ireland: Deadmau5 (18 June 2021) rescheduled for 17 June 2022 Orbital ( 19 June 2021) rescheduled for 18 June 2022 Pet Shop Boys ( 23 June 2021) rescheduled for 22 June 2022 Sinéad O’Connor (20 June 2021) rescheduled for 19 June 2022 Christy Moore (26 June 2021) rescheduled for 25 June 2022 Fontaines D.C (3 & 4 July 2021) rescheduled for 2 & 3 July 2022
  21. PS Barcelona usually doesn't even sell out its one weekend, there is zero chance of two consecutive weekends. Gabi, and PS, constantly talk shite. This "doubly good" and "like never before" is just the usual marketing BS.
  22. there's some on hotels.com, but mostly apartments, and the prices for the hotels that are available are very high. Like flights, booking over a year in advance is usually going to be almost as high as it gets. Sweet spot is usually about 6-9months in advance.
  23. Aaron also produced the new Hannah Georgas album, which was released last Friday
  24. I guess if you ignore the first half of her career, the above post wouldn't be dumb as fuck.
  25. what a c**t. But we already knew he was a c**t tbf So many tweets but a brief selection: Is it anti semetic to say Jewish people have power ? — Wiley (@WileyCEO) July 24, 2020 and retweeted this before the original account was suspended: Please SHUT THE FUCK UP Im so sick of fucking jews at this point You are the most vile people in the history of humanity Your people commit the worse acts of genocide and then go as far as to say "we are oppressed and slaughtered by muh evil nazis". Parasites the lot of you. pic.twitter.com/590BQ9MC34 — Kekman (@Kekman02582759) July 24, 2020
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