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  1. Anyone who was there see Mattiel? I only watched on iplayer but thought she was quality , great voice. Would hope she would get a bit bigger , maybe John Peel next time .
  2. thesaint78

    The Cure

    Heres one!
  3. thesaint78

    lauitude 2019

    As they now seem to be putting most of the budget into a big name Saturday headliner wonder whether Arcade fire could fit the bill?. Ive no idea what their plans are for next year. Probably wishful thinking on my part but would be awesome if they did.
  4. I see workers beer co have made a statement regarding beer queue chaos https://www.workersbeer.co.uk/volunteers/press-statement/ This strikes me as festival republic putting pressure on WBC to take the blame on their behalf . Be interesting to see what @glasto-worker makes of it all. Festival republic still responsible for exits , toilet/water queues etc. Think they should make a statement themselves rather than letting WBC take the rap.
  5. The last 3 years we have rocked up in caravans around midday and got straight in and usually quite a few in front of us as well. Not sure if there is an official opening time for CV fields but don't think they want queues on A12 so usually just let people in early I think.
  6. Found this on James Facebook page , gives a bit more ideas on potential clashes although slots still to be filled
  7. Day splits are up on the website although no running orders so no idea who clashes etc. https://www.latitudefestival.com/line-up/artist-a-z#/artists/byDay
  8. Don't know why they are delaying announcement of day splits. Not many gonna part with £80 plus for a day ticket when they don't know who is playing
  9. Wonder if day splits will be announced too ? I know lots of people who want to go for a day and are just waiting to see which is the strongest one.
  10. Who are we all hoping for when they next announce the next lot of bands? Anyone know likely date of next announcement? Hoping there is a chance of First Aid Kit Wedding Present Primal Scream Starcrawler Spiritualized No idea if any of these are possible
  11. Done my usual thing of having a Spotify session on bands I'm not familiar with once the line up came out. These stood out for me, reminded me of the primitives which is never a bad thing!
  12. Pretty sure that will sell out sharpish if its only European date and an undercard like that. Ive gone straight in with pre sales. That line up will take some beating. would happily pay good money for 5 out of 7 bands on there so 70 pound is reasonable imo. Never done hyde park though , I am hearing mixed reviews for it as a gig venue
  13. Anyone on here done old Trafford as a gig venue before ? looking forward to it but bit concerned of a few reports of sound issues at previous events there.
  14. Just out of interest what do you think they should have played which would have made it more crowd friendly?
  15. From a telly point a view thought that was pretty awesome , up for the Manchester gig now
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