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    2023 Headliners

    Nailed on to headline? Was there this year to sign up as well as being a guest for Macca? Edit: doing BST so maybe not although hasn’t there been a BST / Glasto headliner before? Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band 2023 UK Dates Tuesday, May 30 BT Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh Friday, June 16 Villa Park, Birmingham Thursday, July 6 American Express Presents BST Hyde Park, London Saturday, July 8 American Express Presents BST Hyde Park, London
  2. Was going to say that. Must have been 8K, so crystal clear it made a huge difference when further back
  3. Confidence Man were my favourite of the weekend too, blistering set and the atmosphere in the crowd was joyous
  4. Had a couple of moments, one being when Self Esteem was holding back the tears during a passionate ‘I do this all the time’ and another was just the pure joy of Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot in the Acoustic Stage when the crowd held a cheer for ages. You could tell they were both touched.
  5. We were going to give him 4 songs then head to Jamie T so stood at the back near the track. Stayed for the whole thing and would have been gutted to have missed it then heard about Dave and Bruce. Definitely one of those stand out Glasto moments.
  6. 1. Conference Man 2. Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot 3. Paul McCartney
  7. Dawn O’Porter walked past us in The Park and I walked past Stormzy near Silver Hayes
  8. They were amazing in 2019 but a lot of that was down to the awesome visuals on the huge screens. Will it be the same on the spider with its usual flames and lighting that’s used for everyone else? Will still be there
  9. At Knebworth a fortnight ago it was £6.50 Carlsberg and £6.80 for Somersby Cider
  10. Yes, will fit perfectly
  11. Get in there at least an hour before
  12. Ha! that was me asking the question. Fame at last!
  13. Could the JP set be The Prodigy? When Keith died Emily tweeted to say they were booked in for 2020 and they are touring next month so what a way to kick it off?
  14. Didn’t I see Arcadia reply to someone and say the show wasn’t happening anymore as they want to concentrate on the music?
  15. Honestly, when you are next by one of their shops (the ones in the outlets are better priced) just try a pair on, you'll be convinced
  16. Ha!! as if he actually wears them??
  17. You can laugh at me and create a flag saying 'wozwebs wears Skechers' but I don't care!! Bought a pair of black memory foam Skechers in 2017 for a trip to New York as I heard they were comfy. They are the comfiest trainers I've ever worn and I still wear them to walk in every day and they are still as comfy as that first day I wore them. They may look fugly but I don't care. They've started to fray a bit at the ankle so I may wear them for Glastonbury and then get a new pair.
  18. If you click on the stage names on the left they pop up so you can see everyone on that stage. I hadn't realised. Makes it easier than scrolling left to right
  19. wozwebs

    Avalon Cafe

    Sounds like they were only just told about it. This is on Glasto Chat FB page. Is it Mean Fiddler’s doing?
  20. I hope so as don’t want to miss them but I’ve never seen Crowded House live and reckon it will be a good sing-a-long.
  21. Hope so as it would solve the Confidence Man vs Crowded House killer clash!
  22. wozwebs

    Food prices 2022

    Daughter said food prices at Big Weekend were horrendous. She only had a tray of chips all day and a hot chocolate when she got cold. Told her should have eaten more but said queues were massive and so many bands to watch didn’t have chance.
  23. No Arcadia spider show this time?
  24. wozwebs

    The Park 2022

    7:00-8:30pm in 2014 7:30-9pm in 2017 5:00-6:30pm in 2019
  25. Own poster now up. What’s the thoughts on the two secret guests?
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