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  1. I was there with a small group. Sat outside on the logs with a couple of friends but the girls went inside right up the front. They came out buzzing and it was my wife's festival highlight. I'll ask if any of them took any vids.
  2. 1) The Killers 2) Michael Kiwanuka 3) The Cure
  3. Celery

    Drop-off point

    B & W Showground it is then. Cheers
  4. Celery

    Drop-off point

    Thanks guys, appreciate the tips. Any idea if normal cars are allowed to stop at the taxi rank? I presume not but thought i'd check. Lack of car seat probably rules out actually taking a cab. And how regular are the shuttle buses to and from the showground? I normally wouldn't care but when you're travelling with a toddler I find military precision the best bet. Hope for the best but plan for the worst as Reacher would say.
  5. Celery

    Drop-off point

    Taking my 2yr old this year for the first time, though only for the Thursday. The plan is to hand her off to my mum around 12pm Friday and then really get the party started. Just thinking through logistics... Where would be the best place to do this handover? And how long would it take to get to this point from, say, the Pyramid field? Thanks in advance x
  6. Celery

    Ticket Balance Payments

    My mate is out due to baby coming and my mrs is out due to the poor lineup. I'm completely split - may just flip a coin. So there's another 2/3 back in the pot unless we gamble on our other friends getting in with them.
  7. Celery

    The "Metal" Slot

    Really don't get why people hate on them for sounding so much like Led Zep. You could use that argument about loads of bands tbh (sounding like others, not LZ in particular). And if you're gonna steal someone's sound, may as well steal from the best.
  8. Celery

    The "Metal" Slot

    They're incredibly talented for guys in their teens and early 20s. No, they're not original but they do what they do incredibly well. Singer looks a tad like James Franco so I guess the urge to punch is understandable.
  9. Celery

    The "Metal" Slot

    Pumpkins or Tenacious D would be great. But why so down on GVF?
  10. Four Tet aren't on it but are definitely gonna be there.
  11. Horrendous lineup imho. So many decent bigger bands available that they haven't booked (or told us about yet). I'll still go and have a great time but it's the worst since I started going in 2007.
  12. Celery

    Secret resales 2015

    Thanks guys - that's a relief. Trying to plan a set of IT lessons for a year 4 class right now. Might just teach them the power of F5 for tomorrow's lesson, using the ticket page as an example of course!
  13. Celery

    Secret resales 2015

    Has anyone had a checkpage notification since last Friday? I signed up in the morning but haven't had anything - just checking it's still working.
  14. Celery

    Secret resales 2015

    Anyone know how long the page checker email usually takes to come through?? Trying to teach a class right now without letting on where my real focus is...
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