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  1. Rachel Lum Wai

    Justice out, Soulwax in!

    they should have had them headlining on a different night, they are a big enough act compared to others headlining on other days .. gutted, so gutted
  2. Rachel Lum Wai

    Bestival app now live

    downloaded and ready to start the planning !
  3. Rachel Lum Wai

    Bestival loners 2017

    Hey @tillyandthewall has a whatsapp group on the go there are a few of us on it x
  4. Rachel Lum Wai

    Bestival Virgin

    I think I'm going for possibly border of White Noise / emerald city and rainbow rave and no where near toilets !!! I've loads of earplugs and an eye mask as unless I am trollied I will wake up..plus I may need to sleep during the day Got my sequin dress ready and the glitter !! This is the descriptions of the areas: White Noise: Music and festivals are a way of life for you, and you know how to rise above the static. White Noise – home to those that know what they like and where to find it. Back in Black: Hardcore crew you know what to do. This is your check in. A quick wet wipe shower and maybe a little disco nap is all that’s needed before going back in again. Back in Black – simples. Rainbow Rave: The glitter, the glamour, the sparkle coloured everything. A kaleidoscopic hotbed of creative minds and dazzling vitality, it’s all about the best costumes, the wildest times and the most confetti -strewn fun for you. Rainbow Rave – shimmering brilliance is just the beginning. Emerald City: Being in touch with yourself and the world around you is a special thing. We all know that we can make a difference. By doing what we can even at a festival, we can try to make our world a bit cleaner, a bit greener and a bit better for everyone. Let us lead you to the Emerald City. Golden Years: There is a school of thought that says, when you’re at the heart of the party, that’s when you let rip and let it all hang out. And when you want to sleep, you want to sleep. You don’t have to be old to be in your Golden Years – you just know that a lovely bit of kip is good for the soul.
  5. Rachel Lum Wai

    Bestival Virgin

    Yeah I don't want to jinx it but it's looking okay weather wise
  6. Rachel Lum Wai

    Bestival Virgin

    I know I feel so old thinking about it !
  7. Rachel Lum Wai

    Bestival Virgin

    I got my tickets yesterday so I am getting excited now .. I can't wait to see Justice, they played at gatecrasher 2008 and blew me away !! so that will make my weekend. Tillyandthewall sent you a message Have a great time everyone
  8. Rachel Lum Wai

    Bestival Virgin

    Hey Everyone This is my first Bestival and really first camping festival... used to do all the day festivals (back in the day) Seems there are a lot of negative comments on facebook and around so wondering if there are any happy positive people looking to have a good time this year !! shout out and meet up !! I'll be driving from Leeds ... so aiming to get to the car park for 9.00 am ad then snooze until the place opens Wish I could offer lifts but I only have a small mini so unless you travel very light ....

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