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  1. I've thought for some time that they will have to cancel again this year, unfortunately. The certainly won't be able to go ahead with their original dates, even if the lockdown easing goes completely to plan. I would imagine it would be very complicated and expensive to shift to another weekend, but then again, I would imagine the hunger for outdoor music festivals will be great once they are allowed, and so who knows? I would go - have been every year from 2008, and always have a great time, although I don't rate this years line-up too highly.
  2. Agree Octopus Garden always seems to have the best food and drink options. And I was certainly aware there were cheaper options available than the overprice Heineken, just thought giving it in the smaller sized cans was a bit off... Still a good festival, and no doubt will be back next year!
  3. Been going to Isle of Wight since 2008, and this year seemed a bit subdued compared with previous years. Also seems to be getting smaller, with less 'areas' and the need to put Platform One and Electric Love back into the camping area as if trying to spread things out... Overall seemed quite quiet, apart from certain times, e.g. Keane in the Big Top. Maybe they should have tried to transfer them to the main stage when Jess Glynne pulled out? You can certainly tell the bands that want it - Biffy Clyro were amazing, even though I am not a huge fan of their music. James always good valu
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