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  1. Pretty happy with this, to be honest. Muse always great at festivals, and already a number of other acts that I would be happy to see. Already stronger than this year, and with a lot more still to be added, it should be a good year. Interested to see how Kasabian sound with Serge singing...
  2. Agree - good to see Isle of Wight back this year, and we were very lucky with the weather, etc. - but the lineup was not as good as in previous years (maybe understandably, without being able to get many international acts). We also found it very expensive this year, even more so than usual. Over £6 for a beer and £14 for a pizza? That really is taking the mick. And was it just my group, but was it much quieter this year? Did not seem to have as many speaker stacks on the main stage as usual, and you could hear people talking over the music, which isn't good...
  3. Hi. Having not been able to get VIP tickets for this years festival, we are looking for the next best thing - access to luxury toilets! If anyone has a spare weekend wristband for the When Nature Calls luxury loos, then I would be happy to buy it off you for the list price or similar. Fingers (and legs) crossed.
  4. This pic shows it a bit better - this was from 2016, however, so might very well be different this year!
  5. We have done the Premium VIP a couple of times before, and have always been able to use both the standard VIP to the left of the main stage as well as the Black Star Bar to the right. Not sure if this picture is much help, but it shows the back of the Black Start Bar and the platform which curves around the front and provided the best view of the main stage. It is not a 'standalone' viewing platform, like the one at Victorious, for example, but more of a large balcony around the bar. Although I don't know for sure, I would be very surprised if this area did not have its own viewing area this year, as that is partly what you are paying for - I think I would ask for a refund if there was no viewing platform to the front and side of the Premium VIP area!
  6. Bit disappointing overall, and as someone else has posted, there doesn't seem to be anywhere to stay on the island this year! Not sure why this is - there can't be more people going than usual? In fact I would be surprised if it sells out, with many people choosing to play it safe this year and stay at home. I have also heard a rumour that if festivals do go ahead, everyone will have to wear a mask, even outdoors! Has anyone else heard this?!
  7. We are lucky enough to have done both. Regular VIP offers your own area to the left of the main stage with OK views, until the end of the evening when it gets very crowded. Not much in the way of food offerings, but you do get the nice toilets which is what most people will be paying for. The Premium VIP used to be just for press, media, etc. but you can now buy tickets I believe for a massive price. For this you do get free food - we had a couple of hot meals each day and some snacks - and the holy grail of VIP - a free bar. This is to the right of the main stage and was renamed the Black Star bar after David Bowie. There is a raised platform at the front that gives excellent views of the main stage, but again it does get very crowded for the headliners/popular acts.
  8. Yes, the official Isle of Wight festival website has confirmed 16 - 19 September. Cool. Assume the line-up is staying the same. Not so cool...
  9. I've thought for some time that they will have to cancel again this year, unfortunately. The certainly won't be able to go ahead with their original dates, even if the lockdown easing goes completely to plan. I would imagine it would be very complicated and expensive to shift to another weekend, but then again, I would imagine the hunger for outdoor music festivals will be great once they are allowed, and so who knows? I would go - have been every year from 2008, and always have a great time, although I don't rate this years line-up too highly.
  10. Agree Octopus Garden always seems to have the best food and drink options. And I was certainly aware there were cheaper options available than the overprice Heineken, just thought giving it in the smaller sized cans was a bit off... Still a good festival, and no doubt will be back next year!
  11. Been going to Isle of Wight since 2008, and this year seemed a bit subdued compared with previous years. Also seems to be getting smaller, with less 'areas' and the need to put Platform One and Electric Love back into the camping area as if trying to spread things out... Overall seemed quite quiet, apart from certain times, e.g. Keane in the Big Top. Maybe they should have tried to transfer them to the main stage when Jess Glynne pulled out? You can certainly tell the bands that want it - Biffy Clyro were amazing, even though I am not a huge fan of their music. James always good value too, but there seemed to be quite a few more lacklustre performances this year. The one thing I did think was really bad this year was the price of food and drink. Always expensive but this year a complete rip-off. Noticeably less choice and just not very nice. And who had the bright idea of selling Heineken for £5.30 only to give you a half pint can? Sorry, but this is robbery and should be reported - over £10 for a pint! Should be illegal...
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