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  1. Amsterdam for me too and cannot bloody wait!
  2. mcmenace

    National Express

    I'm going from Manchester and I agree that it's pricey, but it's worth every penny in my eyes. We got coach tickets in the resale for this year's festival and have travelled on the coach previously and it's always been an absolute breeze (hope I'm not jinxing it). No queues, nobody having to drive home after a five day bender, you can have a kip and it also makes you take less crap. It's just so much easier mate.
  3. mcmenace

    Good Luck ALL !

    Best of luck fellow Glastonbury lovers!
  4. One in a million here but I'm personally feeling hopeful about tomorrow for some reason. I'm as prepared as I can be, and if I don't get a ticket then I can honestly say I've given it my best shot. The nerves have kicked in now but I'll be in the zone come 9am tomorrow. *Disclaimer - I reserve the right to have a full blown sulk for the rest of my life if I don't get a ticket
  5. Best of luck everyone and see you on the farm next June for a cheeky pint or two!
  6. mcmenace

    Resale Club 2019

    You were successful for me though Levitz. Eternally grateful to you too We're both going next year mate. I have a good feeling about this one.
  7. This was my second Kendal Calling but sadly will probably be the last. I loved last year's festival! Fantastic vibe, great music, lots of other things to see and do. But this year I did see a huge decline in a lot of things, not just the general atmosphere but the support from the festival, on-site facilities and value for money. Firstly, not once did I see any campsite staff. The toilets in the campsite were atrocious (I understand that's got a lot to do with the people that use them), and the state of the campsite was awful! I thought we were supposed to have festival crew on site but the only ones I saw we're the car park crew, main festival gate and about 100 people at the arena entrance intent on stopping people from sneaking a can or two in. I thought the campsite crew were supposed to be dishing out recycling bin bags etc., but didn't see anyone handing these out or any recycling bags at all. I always take bin bags with me to tidy our camp up but other than that the place was a total shit tip. The vibe just didn't feel right to me either. Maybe it's my age, the weather (or both), and I can't put my finger on it at all but it wasn't as friendly or chilled as last year. And value for money is non-existent unfortunately. I appreciate the festival has to make money and I too have probably been spoilt by Glastonbury, but they seem to charge for absolutely everything! Arriving on Thursday, clean toilets (or posh privvy's if you want to be technical), showers, programmes at £10 a pop which were pretty pitiful (just have a free app please), leaving and re-entering the car park etc. The food and drink was expensive (I know there are cheaper food stalls around the site), and the difference between the festival trying to stop people sneaking a few cans of cider in, compared to them trying to help people in the car parks/campsites/on the route to the arena (it was so dangerous given the weather) was unbelievable. I'm not usually a miserable cow but after last year's KC (I told anyone that would listen what a great little festival it is), I was really sad to see such a massive difference. I truly hope it improves in the future, it really could be a fantastic festival again.
  8. Pieminister is there again this year. Very good pies in my opinion (although pretty expensive).
  9. The playlist has been an absolute godsend! Thank you Sir!
  10. mcmenace

    Coach ticket?

    I've spoken to See Tickets and the coach tickets are emailed to people individually and you'll need to print it off and show it to the driver. Thanks for all your help guys. Much appreciated!
  11. Yes, just to confirm that I've spoken to See Tickets and it's one per email. They have now emailed me the other coach ticket so all is well. Thanks for your help guys.
  12. I'm from Heywood too! Very small world. Have a good festival guys. And a special thanks to @briddj& @Aragornfor the weather analysis/updates. It's very much appreciated.
  13. It all feels too good to be true! But 32 on Friday with wall to wall sunshine is brutal!
  14. mcmenace

    Coach ticket?

    Thanks everyone. We think the email address they hold for him is the now obsolete orangehome.co.uk domain so will get him to email them and ask for it to be updated. I'm sure it'll be fine!
  15. mcmenace

    Coach ticket?

    Hi all, I've received my coach ticket email from See but it only has my name/registration number and not my husbands. Have the coach tickets been emailed to people individually? I emailed See over the weekend to check but I've not had a reply, I can't find a telephone number for them and am starting to panic! Cheers.
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