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  1. rachbon

    Got any gigs coming up?

    Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip at The Arches in Glasgow tonight. Really looking forward to it, they're one of my favourite live acts.
  2. rachbon

    Things that annoy you ?

    Jaw clicking wouldn't bother me, you can't help that! But people who just eat like pigs are vile.
  3. rachbon

    Things that annoy you ?

    I hate noisy eaters. Disgusting people.
  4. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    Funeral seems to be everyone's favourite because it's so unique, when it was released I instantly loved it and couldn't believe how different it was to anything I'd ever heard before. I think they've gotten a bit more radio friendly with each album but I don't see this as a bad thing because they are still a million miles away from being middle of the road pish and still make better music than any other band. Although I think their performance loses a bit of emotion on a big stage, they just HAVE to headline the pyramid stage.
  5. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    They were amazing at the barras on Saturday. The atmosphere was mental, everyone seemed to be loving it. They were walking through the crowd wearing the big heads from the Reflektor video before the gig, dancing with people and having pictures taken. (I know it could have been anyone but I think it was them.) They played Wake Up second which I was surprised at but it really worked. I think it's a great song to play early on in the set. I really struggled to hold back the tears when they played it! The new material sounds great live, I've had Normal Person stuck in my head since last night. It would take me forever to make my dream set list because they don't have any bad songs. There is no doubt that they have the material and popularity to headline Glasto, but for some reason I can't see it happening. I can't wait until they announce a UK arena tour, although the atmosphere won't be as good as the barras, it'll be good to hear some more of the older songs.
  6. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    I don't usually bother going to gigs for doors opening because I can't be bothered leaving the pub but I'm definitely going early tomorrow.
  7. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    After a few more listens to Reflektor, I think it's a great album. I just want it to be Saturday now.
  8. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    I don't think I've ever been this excited about a gig.
  9. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    Fuck! Crown of Love! I really hope they play that at the Glasgow gigs. That song performed at the barras would be amazing. I'm glad that people got involved in the fancy/formal dress. I'm going to wear a nice lacy dress, heels and a masquerade mask so I don't think I'll be over or underdressed.
  10. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    Me too! I remember absolutely loving that song when I first listened to Funeral and it has remained my favourite.
  11. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    That's my favourite Arcade Fire song, they played it at Leeds in 2010 and I might have had a wee tear in my eye.
  12. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    I've listened to Reflektor a few times now and I think it's going to take a bit longer for this one to grow on me. There are a few great songs, but some of them sort of blend into one and just sound a bit too much like background music, I think it'll take a few more listens before the songs actually start to stand out as great, individual songs. I still can't wait to see them in Glasgow though, it's such an experience seeing them and I think the new songs will really come to life when they're performed live.
  13. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    Got Glasgow tickets, I tried at 08:59 and they were on sale. I just need to get an outfit sorted now. I'm thinking nice dress, heels and a masquerade mask.
  14. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    Listened to the new album today, I like it, it's a bit different for them but also seems very Arcade Fire if that makes sense. The previous two albums were growers but I did end up loving them, I think this one will be the same. I'm definitely trying for tickets tomorrow.
  15. rachbon

    Arcade Fire

    I really hope this isn't the case for the UK shows. I'm going to try for Glasgow tickets, but I'm not feeling very optimistic about getting them. If it was a different venue, I might not be as desperate for tickets, but they will be amazing at the barras.