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  1. I suppose a lot of people are thinking how crap it was last time they tried moving the actual Glade Stage to basically the same location it will be in for 2022 and re-named it "The Spirit of 71 Stage". No vibes.
  2. Wonder whether Woodsies campsite is open to the general public this year, it's in a darker shade of green but still has Hositality Camping on the map 🤔
  3. I think the festival are having a few problems with the AccessTicket judging by social media. Wouldn't surprise me if this is causing the delay. Honestly a very pointless system imo.
  4. Who do we reckon are the Thursday headliners? Beach House? I know Metronomy sort of topped the bill a few years ago, not sure if they're bigger or smaller since then..
  5. Where's good for a drink around Heaton Park? Only ever been there for the Stone Roses in 2012, where we just bought crates from the supermarket. Or is that the best option in general? Weather looks a bit crap, so would rather stay dry as long as possible.
  6. One of the drummers is Davey, the lead singer of Boy Azooga. Playing Mountain Stage on Friday.
  7. I've got a spare ticket + parking for sale if anybody needs one. Would probably need to meet at the site, or could send next day recorded delivery.
  8. Can recommend Keys, and Bandicoot as 2 bands worth a watch for those of you lucky enough to be heading down to Glanusk early.
  9. Wondering if anyone who was at the game saw any of the scenes of violence in the concourses/fans trying to jump the turnstiles? It looked pretty mental from the videos I've seen, but not sure if Twitter is a fair reflection of what was actually going on.
  10. TBH I *optimistically* read Eluned Morgan's comments as very similar to Sajid Javid's, "we are going to learn to live with this virus"... We have one of the best vaccination rates in the world, and hospitalisations seem to be remaining relatively low. If things are going ahead across the border then there will be a lot of political pressure on the Welsh Government to fall in line. I know traders who are in full planning mode, and also people working for the festival who are working as if it would go ahead as normal. They can't afford to sit and wait about for the decision from the First Minister. Also, please, Cymru hasn't been a Principality since 1536 🤦‍♂️
  11. I imagine we will make a few changes for the game on Sunday, as we already have a few players with a booking hanging over their head, and Page started the same XI two games on the bounce. Hopefully we will go out there and treat the game as an almost free shot, and attack Italy. We look much better when we are on the front foot and I don't think anybody has really had a go at Italy's older defenders yet. Dan James masterclass pending.....
  12. If anyone has 1 spare I would happily pay right now.
  13. Are people just letting it count down from 30, or F5ing like Glastonbury style?
  14. Depends who you are, and what stage(s) you are playing I guess? I'm not familiar with the artist/band in question, but if they played any of the stages outside the big 7/8 it's probably likely that they received x amount of tickets per band member x gigs played on site. I know this is partly why Fontaines DC played about 5 gigs at the last festival, because they wanted the extra tickets for friends and family to come with them for the weekend.
  15. Have a 6 person room (minus the jacuzzi) that I could send via dice for FV: £1493/1752 euros if anybody is still looking.
  16. Is it 10am UK time these tickets go on sale?
  17. What year did Aphex Twin turn Glastonbury down? Definitely saw him in The Temple in 2014(?) Staying on topic, and about electronic headliners, Underworld are playing Glasgow and a festival in Ireland at the end of July/August. Get the boys in!
  18. I'm split on this. I'm due to work at GM, and I've heard nothing about whether it's happening yet. But that doesn't usually happen until March in any case. The August date, smaller capacity, and demographic of the audience all make Green Man seem like it could be one of the festivals that could actually go ahead. I'm also not worrying too much about the differences approaches between Drakeford and Johnson. If by the end of June, England has opened up completely without restrictions, I don't see us in Wales being far behind.
  19. Best - Undoubtedly the ones up at Strummerville. Always clean, and you've even got a view whilst you poo. Worst - Any one around the Other Stage, probably the ones the other side of the railway track dropping into Pennard Hill though.
  20. What a lineup! Bought my tickets yesterday. Haven't been for a couple of years, what are people saying about flights? Think they usually go on sale around October time for June departures from the UK?
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