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  1. I once did the catering for a free festival in Bath, in the '70s. The local health food shop (Harvest) donated a huge sack of muesli which we mixed with water and handed out for free on paper plates. That was the only food available. I have a few favorites at glasto: the Indian takeaway by the stone bridge, the fre food at the Hare Krishna tent and what I think was called Pauline Fowler, Home of the Growler. I haven't been for a few years and interested in whats on offer. ✌️
  2. After many years of different weathers I would always go for good walking boots (and just walk around deep water). They are so much more comfortable, no chaffing on your calf's, more supportive. And Vouging in my gold lamay hot pants I can tell you now, I look the dogs!
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