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  1. Still can't work out whether it's worth seeing bcnr despite their last album (with isaac) is great!
  2. Good decision but is this gonna have a negative impact on us car drivers with regards getting a decent place to camp?
  3. No joy I'm afraid, as you were!
  4. I might know someone, I'll dm once i can confirm
  5. I'm doing something badly wrong here huh?
  6. right its time i sort this before they vanish - can someone remind me what the command for get_iplayer is again?
  7. zico martin

    Green man

    Is there a recommended/ best area to camp in or is it so small in really doesn't matter? Any none music things i should make a point of checking out?
  8. I dont think despising any other beings is part of beginning vegan tbh. Feeling disappointed or frustrated by others is natural though. Religions are based on spurious stories, veganism is the avoidance of animal cruelty where possible. Money and big industries have ensured that we are in the minority but times are a changing like. Oh and i question whether our evolution has been a positive thing. We are destroying our own and others creatures habitats so not sure we are really all that smart.
  9. Hence the need for us to spread the message eh?
  10. I hope i explained my justification of going to glastonbury earlier. With regards vegan propaganda i dont think torturing and killing animals is just or justified so i try and limit it where i can. Whats wrong with that?
  11. Or if people only bought mcplant burgers big macs wouldnt be a thing etc
  12. But it is all bad. The phrase 'free range' is a marketing tool to make people feel less guilty about the farming of animals, it certainly isn't proof that they have fun fulfilling lives. Or is that only a need of human animals?
  13. Oh ok sorry, i reconcile that by giving my money to a dairy farmer to do something which isnt dairy farming. In the same way i could buy a mcplant burger as an alternative to killing one extra cow.
  14. Cows spending their lives being continually impregnated and then having their calves stolen and most commonly killed to prevent them using the milk which can be sold isnt exactly a good life is it?
  15. Lol naturism! You obviously haven't seen my body then!
  16. I'm not on some kind of loony crusade to convert everyone to doing the right thing BTW but can't ignore someone so strongly against animal rights.
  17. Lol you really dont think animals are tortured in the meat and dairy industry? I guess your definition of torture must be different to mine then. Why do you think vegans don't want to think of animals as commodities if as you imply it is ethically right to do so?
  18. I'm not saying all vegan food is healthy of course, humans have become accustomed to fast food and you can still eat rubbish without torturing and killing animals which is a positive surely. Propaganda from the farming industry and the governments financed by this is makes financial sense, what have vegans got to gain from spreading misinformation?
  19. I wasn't singling you out for being taken in by propaganda, our whole society is told from an early age how we get the food we need from farms. Ethics>environmental issues though of course, thankfully they are in alignment on this issue though. Health issues in addition point to the 'right' way to eat 🙂
  20. Ok i can't argue against proven scientific research then. We don't need to eat animals and i struggle to see how it is ethically justified anyway.
  21. I haven't seen this reported anyway and was lead to believe that eating raw meat was bad for humans. I have read that they initially had a plant based diet - have you reading more propaganda for the farming industry by any chance?
  22. Humans don't naturally eat animals though, they only started to do that after discovering fire. Of course in most societies it is accepted and encouraged but its not normal or ethical right. Obviously its different for other animals who are biologically designed and need to eat other animals for their survival. Being vegan is based on scientific fact, a religion is based on stories and crazy believes so there is a difference like 🙂
  23. My experience exactly. I think my vocals for 'Ive just seen a face' blocked Paul's for most of the kids around me tbh!
  24. Yeah exactly this. I'm asked this every year as if i should feel guilty by supporting a dairy farmer, but the point is that I'm supporting him not being a dairy farmer!
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