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  1. Can't see anything on there myself but perhaps they've gone now. Not after tickets myself but I have a mate who 'needs' a campervan ticket otherwise they'll have to sell there 2 standard tickets 😞
  2. Ooh haven't heard of any of those >> rushes off to Spotify!
  3. Damn that didn't work 😞
  4. https://giphy.com/gifs/edsullivanshow-ed-sullivan-show-tom-jones-thunderball-tqsPPCqCyiUauZmLI4
  5. Lost my Glasto cherry in 2014 and have only not gone in 2015 (didn't even try thinking it was a one off but the missus agreed it was a must in 2016). No tickets for 20/21/22 yet though 😞
  6. zico martin

    Wolf Alice

    Dead jealous as I wasn't one of the lucky ones to grab a ticket for Swansea tomorrow night. Hope they are great though and whoever gets to one of the shows enjoys and reports back in here 🙂
  7. The undertones? Is this the original line up or a queenesque feargel stand in?
  8. Does that mean they are a definite no for green man then?
  9. Everyone was wet and miserable (due to brevity vote) which certainly affected the vibe but we still enjoyed. Ten times better this year with the new line up though
  10. Confused, who are you talking about?
  11. Love the idea of a settlers pass, didn't I read somewhere you can update to one at the time though?
  12. Is it really to do with financial instability though, and not just good business sense to take advantage of the current low level of VAT?
  13. Well tickets in the bag so we will at last be going to the festival on our doorstep for the first time. A couple of our group need camper van tickets though and will have to sell their GM tickets if they can't any in the future. I know the festival stated no more will be for sale but hopefully some will materialise, right?
  14. Ooh sorry just had an email now 🙂
  15. Can't find much info about these tickets going on sale tomorrow. How many can you buy?
  16. Does anyone know if you need to pay in full tomorrow or just a deposit?
  17. Yeah cheers Craze she has used an old laptop through school but as a devout iPhone fan she is an apple fan and wants a mac book for uni but didn't really want to pay over a grand for the privilege. I will look into some of these deals but was wondering if the £500 refurb models an amazon are a decent option (bearing in mind they come with a 12 month warranty as well)
  18. Hey guys looking at getting a macbook for my daughter for uni, any red flags with something like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07TSQV9JN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_P4FK0YB6275YF66DRJR5
  19. Looks intriguing! https://inittogetherfestival.com/blog/official-statement/
  20. Don't forget the sexy one in fishnets 😉
  21. Is it wrong of me to have switched off my notifications? I'd be getting pcr tests every week if I listen to the app like!
  22. Ha yeah I was one of those sitting behind you for hours thinking I was sure I recognised your face. God knows how but good to finally meet up with someone else from here!
  23. These were the best loos of the festival and generally worth the 5 minute work when are 'local' ones by the shower block were full 🙂
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