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  1. Has anyone received their tickets yet btw?
  2. Sold out months ago I'm afraid, check on twickets for any bring resold though. Good luck!
  3. But why wouldn't this vulnerable recipient have had both jabs as well?
  4. Got friends staying her next weekend and are planning to pop down for a meet up next Sunday, any suggestions of a nearby pub which would be good for this purpose?
  5. Yeah I was referring to the Sunday theme. I'll have a look around online and look for something suitable anyway:)
  6. I thought it was more fun if I started a new thread for this, hope that's ok. Well I've done this at a festival- how serious do people take it? Any tips?
  7. Do they publish a list of what food vendors will be in attendance, ie. Are there many vegan options?
  8. Oooh the site maps make this feel even more real 🙂 so where do you all camp? And is their an option of which car park to use?
  9. Thursday night at beautiful days? Is that a thing?
  10. I've got tickets for Beautiful Days (first time) and am feeling optimistic about it happening, but surely there could be an issue with some of the booked acts being able to travel to the UK?
  11. Still able to buy them seetickets for me? No rush though is there?
  12. Right this shit is getting real now! At last! So first things first, do I need to buy a car park ticket? When do the gates open?
  13. Would have been funny(ier) without the last line tbh #freecomedytips
  14. I'm a Geordie and will always love Benitez 💘
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