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  1. Yeah im planning sports team so can hang around afterwards if the signs are good for the JP TBA. Am going to lose my Elbow cherry after Amyl later but will be checking my secret glasto notifications just in case the park TBA appeals 🙂
  2. ?? Fontaines and AJ Tracey are on the 2022 poster?
  3. What a fantastic idea, is this a new service?
  4. Just looking at the latest map now, bus stops??
  5. I think it worked as below, but i fiddled with the app so might have bust it!
  6. Should we be disregarding the bbc website then?
  7. You got info or just guessing?
  8. Lets rock wales yesterday, £6.50 for carling on draft, £6.00 for atlantic IPA. Guess glasto will be similar like
  9. Fanticks.com is the one supported/ recommended by the festival
  10. Me neither 2019 was a fucker. Not helped by the fact i had £300 cash stolen on the first night so was scrimping the whole festival. No setiously when i think back there were some much time wasted by being too hot to move other than for some shelter! 2017 was the perfect year i think wasn't it?
  11. Anyone reckon theres any chance of amyl and the sniffers popping up somewhere? That would please a lot of people like myself who will be missing them for Diana like!
  12. Yeah i have to agree. With the relaxation/ abandoning of the self isolation guidelines it feels the need to be diagnosed is negated now
  13. Never even been to the acoustic stage but love what you're doing there. Fender - Heaton - damned doable or far too much work?
  14. Yeah this was my issue like, decent as a nirvana tribute band but they're nee dread zeppelin like!
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