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  1. 2019, 3.00 in the morning somewhere in the park if I remember correctly (as if)
  2. James is a nice addition, need to some homework on the rest now - does anyone do a Spotify playlist round these parts?
  3. Done. The lack of restrictions tipped me over the edge so thank you! And yes I agree, the build up and listening to all the unknown acts on the line up is just as important as the actual festival for me, roll on Friday 🙂
  4. Me and the missus are on the edge of getting a couple of tickets for this but am I doing the right thing? Not really a Levellers fan but the line up 2019 seemed to have an enough to keep us entertained. Any tips? Only really used to Glastonbury so looking forward to a small cosy one for just the 2 of us.
  5. So whats the score, testing all attendees 2/3 weeks after to see if (m)any positive results come back? Or just monitor hospitalizations?
  6. But that excess was despite/ restricted by the lock down and restrictions in place, if we hadn't 'stayed out home' it would screaming out a lot more!
  7. Hi guys, newbie here thinking of trying this festival as a substitute to Glastonbury this year, any thoughts on who's playing this year?
  8. Hi guys we really fancy trying this next year but there doesn't appear to be the option to pay a deposit, is this likely to become available at a latter date or do I have to pay the lump sum?
  9. zico martin

    BBC Glastonbury

    Sorry I'm a bit late in here but was watching all the 'live sets' in the garden trying to relive the real thing. So is there a way of downloading any of the sets from iplayer as I suspect I wont get them all watched by monday!
  10. Why they think it wont go ahead you mean. Nobody knows, and we all understand why it will probably be cancelled but you never know!
  11. It's certainly not looking good but nobody knows whether its gonna happen or not yet. Let's stop squabbling and keep the faith that the Eavii will do everything in their powers to put it on!
  12. My mother in law couldnt understand why there was a shortage of pasta in our shops to which I explained that was as it came from Italy who are in lock down due to the virus. 'That's weird then as the wheat comes from Durham doesnt it?' #truestory
  13. So I wonder if the number of fatalities from 'flu' will decrease this year then?
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