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  1. zico martin

    Celeb spotting

    Saw an ill/ too-much-weight-lost Chris Moyles walking along the back of the other pre- tame impala, and Dave from boy azooga coming out the long drops near where he was camped. Oh and a comedy off the telly whose name I haven't yet found out!
  2. all sorted now, i did just need the new version - cheers guys
  3. yeah makes sense ill try a newer version now
  4. 0 matching programmes what am I doing wrong this year?
  5. Yeah I guess that qualifies, any suggestions on the line up?
  6. I'm a complete ignoramus when it comes to dance music so dont know the different genres and sub genres. What's the more high energy stuff called? Asking for a friend like
  7. Why is the BBC weather app still showing dry and sunny Wednesday to Sunday then?
  8. zico martin

    Worried Sick

    I can only repeat what the rest of the e-family have said, with extra hugs and kisses on top. We've got you x
  9. zico martin

    Bros Q&A

    This another of these things where you have to book tickets in advance though?
  10. zico martin

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    My first Glastonbury in 2014 I didn't realise there was urinals until the Saturday, so much time wasted queuing 🙄
  11. zico martin

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Just thinking, does Google maps work as a good, up to date version of this now?
  12. zico martin

    The Cure

    Really? I'm no superfan like but I know more than half of the opening songs!
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