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  1. zico martin

    Volunteering 2020

    Cool, where do I sign up?
  2. zico martin

    Volunteering 2020

    Still kinda I'm shock after missing out this morning and love the idea of volunteering. But am I too old (48)? And if my wife volunteers as well would we basically not see each other all festival?
  3. I'm dropping my daughter and her friends off to the festival tomorrow, how far is the drop off point away from the camping areas? Never been myself and am wondering if the distance is far enough to justify me lending them my sack trolley?
  4. zico martin

    Celeb spotting

    Saw an ill/ too-much-weight-lost Chris Moyles walking along the back of the other pre- tame impala, and Dave from boy azooga coming out the long drops near where he was camped. Oh and a comedy off the telly whose name I haven't yet found out!
  5. all sorted now, i did just need the new version - cheers guys
  6. yeah makes sense ill try a newer version now
  7. 0 matching programmes what am I doing wrong this year?
  8. Yeah I guess that qualifies, any suggestions on the line up?
  9. I'm a complete ignoramus when it comes to dance music so dont know the different genres and sub genres. What's the more high energy stuff called? Asking for a friend like
  10. Why is the BBC weather app still showing dry and sunny Wednesday to Sunday then?
  11. zico martin

    Worried Sick

    I can only repeat what the rest of the e-family have said, with extra hugs and kisses on top. We've got you x
  12. zico martin

    Bros Q&A

    This another of these things where you have to book tickets in advance though?
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