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    Sasha DJ

    Set Recording!! http://soundcloud.com/djmixes/sasha-live-glade-stage-glastonbury-festival-25-06-2010
  2. MiniMarc

    European Festivals

    Sziget certainly has areas designed for Campervan's Exit Im not so sure about think it might jus be more of a carpark type of thing. I would look into if theres a separate campsite or Campervan area. At the same time as Sziget there's another festival on in hungary called Ozora which is a massive psy trance party with a hippy kinda vibe
  3. MiniMarc

    European Festivals

    Ive been to Exit in Sebia and Sziget in Hungary.Quite different to each other Exit: Camping is right by the Danube river and theres a beach which is basically a 24/7 party. The festival is over a big bridge , takes about 20mins to walk.The site is a huge Fortress so takes a while to walk up the winding passage to the top , its like its own little village. Theres about 10 different stages of all sizes.The Main and the Dance stage are the biggest and quite close together.The Dance stage is in front of the moat so its a massive pit with about 20,000 people going nuts its quite a sight especially when the sun comes up. You can climb up the back and look over the crowd is amazing. One thing worth mentioning is the actual festival doesnt really start till about 10pm and goes through to 8.30am.The main stage is normally drum n bass from 3am to close. What this means is that you get back to the campsite around 9am and its already boiling hot.It must have got up to near 35degrees you could hardly move! We hardly slept the whole time and we went abit insane.I would advise anyone if you can afford it get an apartment , camping there is not for the faint hearted! I would say its got less of a "festival" feel to it , more a series of massive parties night after night. Sziget: Alot more of a festival feel to is everything is in the one massive site.Its huuuge! Is basically an Island in the Danube river. The main stage area is massive , the biggest crowd ive ever seen in one place.Very impressed with the sound , clear and loud.Takes a while to walk between stages so you cover alot of ground over the week.Theres a 24/7 dance tent where u can see some pretty mashed up people at all hours of the day. Lots of stalls selling these little kebab things (Gyros) which are well nice.Again very hot.Alot more things happening during the day and lots to explore then the music really gets going after the midday heat around 4pm Theres some amazing performance art things going on and cabaret too.Toilets were all fine and no real big queues except when u first arrive.took maybe 1-2 hours but that was it. Theres a massive supermarket just outside the festival where u can get everything but i dont think your supposed to take your own booze in although everyone tries.
  4. and to be honest , Glasto surely isnt about analysing everything and everyone that you experienced over the time. Its about stepping out of the norm , the routine and doing spontanious celebration of being alive in whatever form. You can slate types of people at a festival but then again we can be justly slated for going on the internet and moaning about little things when we should be cherishing the good memories we have and perhaps taking a leaf out of the glasto vibe and accepting people rather than stereotypes
  5. Richie Hawtin would be wicked Danny Tenaglia Chris Liebing Darren Emmerson
  6. MiniMarc


    My mate's band played Strummerville around midnight on the sunday called Drunken Balordi. Did anyone see them? They play kind of Irish gypsy punk
  7. seriously thinking of doing this one , anyone else?? anyone know roughly how long the coach will take from london?
  8. had a wicked time! We were campedalong the back road by the Italian campsite (not sure why they had to have their own one??). At first thought it was a crap place to camp but worked out eally good , we had a 24 hr bar near us , toilets and food and really close to the circus tent. Highlights for me were Medusa stage/area , Placebo , Afterparty 24hrs!!! , Editors , Bloc Party , Squarepusher The organisation was so good , toilets were clean with toilet paper provided , consistent bar prices , walkways to minimise mud. Would def go again , i wasnt that up for the lineup this year so if it was good for next year then defo. One thing they could do alot better is the lineup for the main Dance arena , was pants , really down the line big names with just filler in between. Less of the Paul Oakenfolds and Armins and more LocoDice's etc I think Fatboy Slim played a pre mixed set and some ppl thought Prodigy were miming??? Underworld should play main stage next year!!!
  9. MiniMarc


    Any info u need is at www.ravetalk.co.uk Think booze is fine as long as its in plastic bottles or cans and before 8 or 10pm as thats when their license kicks in. check that website for exact details
  10. Dance Arena looks WEAK! Will be seeing Grooverider n Dillinja definitely and Eric Prydz . Will def be avoiding Paul Oakenfold , i cant believe they booked him , he's admitted in an interview he doesnt really care about djing and he'd rather get paid a fortune to do film scores etc. We have a couple days either side of festival i think , does anyone have any recomendatios of a place to stay? We havnt booked anything yet n its getting closer n closer
  11. Yep totally amazing week , think Audion and Dubfire played the best sets I've ever heard . Location was unbelievable. Only downside is not being able to sleep for most of the trip cos of temperature and campsie parties but would do it all over again in a flash .Bring on next year!
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