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  1. Hi looking at your review you may be able to help me out with a few questions; T&cs say no gas allowed in campervan field. Is this correct and is it actually policed. Seems an odd rule. Also, do cars park beside vans or did they need to be in another field? Thanks
  2. Swieve


    Secret set?
  3. Blur? Cave? Too much to wish for..... or is it?
  4. Swieve

    Campervan question

    Top tip is to remove your little timetable from the lanyard you get on entry. Keep your ticket in it and keep it around your neck but under your t shirt. Keeps it safe all weekend and you always know where it is when you are going in and out. Stays around my neck all weekend, even when I'm sleeping
  5. even though every time I moved my feet a stone of really sticky mud attached to each wellie. Great gig even if some classics were not played
  6. Swieve

    2019 Headliners

    Oh for the old days when we had to wait until June before we knew the line-up
  7. No definitely the other way around I seriously don't know which side is best. I've always done west because it suits me coming from M5 direction. Its a hell of a trek to anywhere though and is uphill all the way from the railway track. Gate C is closer to the action but how far you walk to your van from Gate C could be long I guess. As for pedestrian gates I've only ever entered from A and D so I've never seen the "hill of death"
  8. Are we sure they had the right URL?
  9. Its a well established fact that the west fields are crap and that east is definitely best
  10. hoping its the last Thursday in Oct and not 1st Nov. I may be flying at that point
  11. I don't ever remember a frantic F5 session to get a camper ticket. Maybe time has played a trick on me but I seem to recall it was easy enough providing you were there for the start of the sale.
  12. Have to Agree West is small and a right pain in the arse. Its all uphill and approx two miles walk away from the Pyramid stage. It is a serious dander at the end of a long day. I only go there because its handy for my journey.
  13. The only perfect system is the one where everyone gets tickets. Unfortunately that is just not possible. I didn't get a sniff at the booking page this year which hasn't happened to me since 2005. However I ran a well organised squad of folks and our 12 all got a ticket by around 20 minutes in. Judging by the stories I'm hearing we were the exception this time around We need a Jay Z type headliner and some rain to dampen enthusiasm. As someone said. It is a bucket list event now. that can never be a good thing
  14. Swieve

    2019 Headliners

    I'm so out of the mainstream these days as regards to media, so has there been much hype about tickets this year? Are we expecting it to be overly difficult to get tickets this year. I'm saying this because the only year I failed was back in 2005
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