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  1. After being housebound for a week, I've been considering buying a jigsaw to pass some time... I was just wondering - does anybody know if there is anywhere on the internet where I can buy a Glastonbury themed jigsaw?
  2. 1. The Killers (one of the best pyramid headliners ive ever seen) 2. Two Door Cinema Club 3. Miley
  3. What a rollercoaster few weeks. I've just purchased some last minute rain poncho's to keep the weather gods pleased. Thanks everyone who has helped with the forecasting. Hope you all have a great festival!
  4. The most important thing is to stay hydrated, make sure to drink water especially in between any alcohol you may consume. Try and split your day up so that you are not in the sun all of the time, go and see some things in shade whether that is in a wooded area of site or in a tent (as above, circus fields are good for this). Now they have banned the sale of single use plastics, I am slightly nervous about water. I know they are increasing the number of water points but I know that it will not be as easy as it was to find compared to previous years. With the threat of some of the temperatures predicted I can foresee dehydration being a big issue. It will take a bit more planning to ensure I always have water. I guess we wont know until we get to site how close the water points will be, but I hope there is at least one source in every field.
  5. I successfully managed to get £12 off a strictly alcohol home delivery order from Sainsbury's. I ordered 6 x 18 cans of Strongbow (please dont judge me) which should have come to £66 but I got for £55.50 including delivery. This will likely work with any alcohol ordered through Sainsbury's. In order to claim this deal you need to be a 'new' customer and order more than £60 worth - I have ordered before but a new account with a change of email address seemed to fool them. You need to use code SCSPPC03YAM at checkout/coupon section. Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/online-food-shopping-deals-2019-5355331
  6. rhysieg

    McShit festivals

    They have the financial power to undercut all of the indy traders and I would assume they would do so. I dont think this would be a good thing for the traders at all.
  7. rhysieg

    McShit festivals

    As crap as a company they are, I gaurentee that if they had a pitch at Glastonbury there would be a huge queue of hungover punters every morning ready to smash a share box of Mcnuggets. To be honest, I can't believe that Mcdonalds haven't attempted to get onto the festival circuit sooner, they can charge even more for their crap and sadly many people would probably choose it over the hundreds of more interesting diverse and independent food vans.
  8. Jon Hopkins - 75 Cat Power - 0 (-20) Chemical Brothers - 160 Hot Chip - 105 Kate Tempest - 90 The Cure - 125 Kylie - 70 Christine & The Queens - 80 Janelle Monae - 145 The Streets - 65
  9. This thread has the power to alter my entire mood for a day, I need to stay away... see you all in 10 minutes when I refresh again.
  10. rhysieg

    5g concerns.

    ? Take my upvote.
  11. Stormzy -  10 (-5) Tame Impala -  90 Two Door Cinema Club - 55 Jon Hopkins - 73 Jorja Smith - 50  Interpol - 60 Pale Waves - 50 Cat Power -  52  Michael Kiwanuka - 50 Stormzy - 31 Tame Impala -  90 Two Door Cinema Club - 55 Jorja Smith - 50  Interpol - 60 Pale Waves - 50 Cat Power -  52 Michael Kiwanuka - 50 The Killers - 53  Chemical Brothers - 79 Wu-Tang - 45 Jungle - 50 Bugzy Malone - 60 Hot Chip - 77 Kate Tempest -  80 The Cure - 75 Vampire Weekend - 68 Kylie - 56 Christine & The Queens - 75 Dave - 50 Janelle Monae - 70 Kamasi Washington - 50 The Streets - 55 (+5) Friendly Fires- 56  Rex Orange County - 55 Little Simz - 65
  12. rhysieg

    s(NO)w patrol

    If Snow Patrol pull out it would be very short notice to find a replacement of that stature. I wonder what Glastonbury would do - Do they just push everyone below them up one slot? Or alternatively they could push The Vaccines up, although this would mess with the now traditional Friday other stage opener.
  13. rhysieg

    Crowd Tolerance

    I remember being near front and centre in front of the sound desk for the U2 set in 2011. mid way through the set a scuffle had broken out and just to the right of me a small pocket of space had opened up with 2 middle aged men either side just stood there trading evil looks and sort of flexing at each other, this proceeded for at least 20 minutes of the set. Because it was right next to me it had completely taken my focus off of the band and I was nervously watching in case it turned violent. It completely ruined the mood of what was already a fairly miserable set in the rain. I wanted to move out of the way but the crowd was too thick to find more adequate space. What a nightmare. Luckily this is the only violence I have ever witnessed in 7 Glastonbury's.
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