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  1. i have a spare weekend camping at face value if anyone's interested.... pm me asap with a contact number
  2. has anyone used them? are they worth it? they say a max of 6 but is that comfy? just looking to see if they're worth the extra money...
  3. the view! confirmed today at bella
  4. does anyone do a clashfinder thingy for bella like the t one?
  5. not sure if anyone can help here... my friend bought my ticket using her rbs royalties or something. my young nephew who's 10 has now decided that him and a wee pal want to go too. how can i get them tickets? i emailed the contact us bit on the website but no one's got back to me.... really worried now as his mum's going off for the weekend so he has to come with me. HELP!
  6. i've a spare adult with camping face value and a couple of under 12s free (no jokes please!) spare. would i be able to get rid of them up there do you think? be back on here about teatime tomorrow...
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