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  1. 57 minutes ago, mufcok said:

    Can you elaborate on that?..

    Not really, could be a real tunnel that was being ran by Scousers, could be a nick name for a way in on staff tickets. Could be completely made up nonsense but I saw it mentioned more than once.

    there is a tunnel / stream / sewer pipe that runs into site which I presume has a big gate and lock on it. Now I’m imagining a group of 20,000 people streaming through it as it’s managed by Liverpudlian gangsters 🙂

  2. 22 minutes ago, CauliflowerEar said:

    You know you really ought to read things properly before going off on rants. I didn't imply i was going to jump the fence, and that's not what i did. I wont apologise for being minted either, its my reward for paying attention at school and learning how to read proficiently, among other things.  

    Jim is pure jokes today, astrolabe next year?

  3. Does anyone know any site locations what3words codes?  Just been given the code for where I’m staying and wanted to work out how far it was to gate C or another point I know.

  4. Someone on here found me bulk inflatable flamingo sales where I got 100 for under £100. Can’t find it now, can anyone help? 

    supply chain issues, covid/war/brexit we cannot let them impact the flow of flamingos 


  5. 7 hours ago, Nuthugger said:

    speaking of drugs....how do you come about them at glasto? Ive been offered them.a few times but if you were to seek them whats the best thing to do? only asking theoretically of course lol

    Stone circle best place to go ask, but probably better to be prepared before you go.

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