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  1. kagey


    Always the highlight for me, fingers crossed it West Holts, by far they're prefered stage Hopefully not Other Pangea could be very interesting
  2. but surely it should have been rumoured for 8:20pm 20:20 20/02/2020 that would be mind blowingly cool
  3. surely has to be Daft Punk or Justice next, it could only have been The Prodigy...but I think they are MIA for sometime to come Hot Chip were sublime, really enjoyed Kraftwerk as I knew I would and New Order really delivered, best I've seen them but lets face it, Henge owned the festival, special mention goes to John Grant, I'm new to the party with him but hat was a proper headline performance unexpected highlight goes to Radio Science Orchestra who were simply sublime My wristband was fine and I have to say bloody nora it worked, queue times were great ...I officially hate being back at work and the real world.... can we go back to the telescope now?
  4. kagey

    Steve Davis

    I've very much enjoyed DJ Thundermuscle the 3 times I've seen him ?? his back to back with Kavus Torabi in manchester after Orbital was great fun and a very lovely chap he is too great tune selection, and just goes all over the place with styles very much looking forward to being taken to a higher realm during his glasto set
  5. kagey

    Kylie v Janet v Miley

    Kylie but then Janelle Monea is gonna crush everyone
  6. didn't Jackson 5 headline West Holts, maybe they that is the festival I'm also thinking WH Headliner on Friday, but pre-post Kylie would be her ideal slot
  7. kagey

    Keith Flint (Prodigy)

    Gosh, utterly stunned! ?
  8. kagey

    BRIT Awards 2019

    So, what have i missed ?
  9. Kate Tempest, The Go Team, Henge also this is the first wave of announcements, there's usually a second wave closer to the event
  10. How do we start a campaign for Conchita Wurst ?
  11. kagey

    West Holts 2019

    Janelle Monae and Jain are probably 2 of my favourite gigs last year alongside NIN at the Royal Albert Hall, utterly incredible, thats why Prince's last recording was on Janelle Monae's album, she's a force of nature and anyone writing her off as 'pop' needs to do some home work, I'm slightly gutted she's only on West Holts, totally has the sass to give the Pyramid a wake up call and having seen Orbital over 40+ times they are on fire at the moment, the most vital i think they've sounded since Middle of Nowhere miss them at your peril
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