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  1. ilovelanegan

    The Streets

    For weeks before and all festival I couldn't decide who to see between Cure, Christine and Janelle. Was always a bit tempted by Streets though and made a last minute decision to see them as I've seen all the others and pretty much the whole crew was going. My sister and I got waylaid on route and only arrived late, just as they were starting- saw how massive the crowd was and thought the worst. BUT our friends were inside the tent on the far right, gave us directions/encouragement and we started inching our way through the throng. 20 minutes later, having VERY politely squeezed, pleased and thank-you'd our way through a surprisingly accommodating crowd, via a 6'8" guy who was a total gent and pointed out the flag we were aiming for inside- we made it to our crew. Cue absolute scenes, inflatables, Skinner with the crowd in the palm of his hand, Fit But You Know It going completely off. Was amazing. And to top it off, we scampered straight to the Pyramid afterwards and caught the best 35 minutes of the Cure's set as well - we are lucky, lucky people. Glastonbury I love you so much.
  2. Stunning performance.
  3. James Norton watching Sharon van Etten with a bunch of mates - they all seemed to know every word and were LIVING for her.
  4. Yep, it was kind of ideal weather wise. Bit overcast in the mornings = sleeping til a reasonable hour. Plenty of sun, a few showers, not too hot and not too wet. The Goldilocks of festival weather, if you will.
  5. Yep same. There's nowhere to hide when it's a hot one- 2010 was HARD.
  6. This all sounds very promising
  7. Got that coach in 2016 and we flew through - not much queue, through the gates before midday. Hope it's equally smooth sailing this year!
  8. Yep I don't care about being right at the front, just as long as we're hanging out with the dancers instead of the talkers...! I'm hoping for an LCD 2016 experience but that might be wishful thinking...
  9. No probs - good luck, hope you sell out the rest of the seats!
  10. Ah I enquired via Facebook a few months back but never heard anything Definitely think you should start making noise earlier next year, we're booked on NE now!
  11. 5'2, don't do heels so will have a sore neck from straining to see the acts all weekend as usual. I have developed a knack for politely squeezing my way forwards, finding bottles or clumps of mud to stand on (or getting there early for the acts I REALLY care about) - but the view is often easier if you stand further back. More boring though. Hate being stuck amongst people chatting when I want to be down the front with the people who are into it. Always thought I'd like to set up my own festival - 'MidgetFest'. Essentially, a normal music festival except anyone over 5'6 has to stand behind a barrier and let all the shorties go to the front. Who's in?
  12. No rumours, just complete wishlist/speculation. I think they only play cruises and casinos these days but wouldn't they go down an absolute storm on a sunny afternoon. Have they ever played?
  13. Tremendous news. Just Cure v Janelle to worry about on Sunday then.
  14. 4 paid up, 2 in the pot (cause: imminent baby)
  15. Paid up along with my sis and our buddy. YEEEAAAAHHHHHH!
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