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  1. I dunno if that's ego so much as knowing that being a support act sucks at more or less any level.

    All his current demotion to smaller fests demonstrates is that he's enjoying playing for the sake of it regardless of crowdsize and doesn't really seem to care about the money.

    Which again, to my mind, doesn't scream Oasis reunion.

  2. 4 hours ago, Quark said:

    Skip both and head straight for Rolling Blackouts.  It's a banger.

    They're always going to get compared to The Go-Betweens, but that spoken word bit on the opening track is so like Cattle & Cane.

  3. Liam should definitely fix the roof whilst the sun's shining cos I agree that his current popularity probably won't maintain. 

    Noel knew when he walked offstage at Knebworth that it was all downhill from that point on.  He's 'mod'-elled himself on Paul 'Modbod' Weller since day one and I don't see why he wouldnt continue to do so given that he's pretty much the 'mod'-el of musical integrity in the face of commercial pressure.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

    Noel's dropping like a stone down through the festival lineups and I doubt he'll ever get anywhere near a decent billing again without a little help. He's a proud man and won't fancy playing third down the Kendall lineup in a couple of years time.

    I'm willing to bet that there will be a reformation within the next three years.

    So going crawling to Liam seems unlikely, particularly when he's as rich as Croesus.

  5. 1 minute ago, dentalplan said:

    Yeah I’m sure I’d have a stronger argument for it if he comes back with two nights at the O2, a chart single and a nice haircut.

    Would Nick Cave have the worst ever haircut of a Pyramid Stage Headliner?