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  1. Well has this camera found its home yet?
  2. Moonglitter


    What book are you currently reading?...The Celestine Prophecy ~ James Redfield Last book read?...Dead Sexy ~ Kathy Lette Favourite author?...Irvine Welch Favourite book?...Freaky Dancin ~ Bez Cant read?...Sloppy romantic books
  3. Thankyou so much...i have contacted the website with regards to camping,just waiting to hear from them.
  4. Thankyou...Is it a mission getting parked in the area during the weekend? Would you know if there is anywhere nearby where you could pitch a tent,or any reasonably priced places to stay?
  5. Rhythms of the World Festival...It takes place next weekend 9/10 July in Hitchin,has anybody been in previous years? Just wondering if its worth going?
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