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  1. DHP would have been my guess, they certainly fit the profile of their other acquisitions. Loudsound would be quite the coup - would that be enough to make them bigger than LiveNation in the UK? Apart from those, any of the independents that have a strong record of selling out and have expansion potential, not sure size is as much of an issue - they have picked up some pretty small events, and some of those had recently expanded (Truck was only 5k a couple of years ago, YNot was <10k). Hopefully this years events slow them down, will be sad if the UK festival market effectively ends up as duopoly.
  2. My two penneth worth.... I suspect the issues are a combination of pre-existing issues with the count of ten bods, who are still running the event, and the new corporate overlord in Global. While i haven't done YNot, i have been to Truck most years it's been on. It sounds like there are similar issues at both events Low steward/security staff numbers Poor briefings for staff Lack of toilets Insufficient size of camping areas Poor traffic management on and off site From friends who were doing the backline at YNot it seems they also suffered from an inappropriate stage, lack of dry storage areas for equipment and poor access to the backstage compound - directly leading to the cancellation and re-ordering of acts. For Truck, at least, these have been issues for the last few years, of course when you have a perfectly dry and sunny event they don't cause major problems and are just a small gripe for punters - but when the weather goes to shit it all descends into chaos pretty quickly. This is the first time I have heard about the poor treatment of traders, at both events, including lack of radios and emergency packs at the event - and bad mouthing them on social media after. If i was being cynical I might think the corner cutting that started a couple of years ago was to try and make the events saleable, of course it's more than likely its just due to trying to break even/minimise losses. It's a shame, as i thought their approach of selling cheap base tickets with lots of upgrades was a pretty good way of ensuring the events remain accessible to all, I certainly took advantage of their more 'premium' offerings and didn't feel it was bad value compared to other events. I still have big issues with Global, and am not looking forward to their likely acquisition announcement towards the end of the year. I suspect by 2018 they will be looking at close to half the medium size festival market which is pretty terrible news for festival goers. The only hope is that the insurance claims they are hit with from YNot (and possibly some from Truck) make them slow down their plans to dominate the market.
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