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  1. Bob Vylan in the Woodland is gonna go off!
  2. Amazing announcement. Frank Turner headlined Beautiful Days a few months ago (and thats 7k bigger capacity I believe). I saw Bob Vylan at Bigfoot festival in June and its one of the best festival sets I have seen in 30 odd years of festival going.
  3. Yeah, spot on. Take your booze and food anywhere on site but there is an incredible choice of ale at the bars. You 100% won't regret it if you book! Genuinely one of the loveliest festival crowds as well.
  4. Saw Lennie James there a couple of years ago (think it was the year Danny Boyle filmed some scenes for 'Yesterday'). My daughter was standing behind him and I was pulling stupid faces before I clocked who it was so couldn't very then go up and say how much I like his work because I clearly looked like a deranged twat.
  5. Creation had an absolutely insane roster of bands...Super Furrys, Sugar, House of Love, J&MC, Teenage Fanclub, Primals, Arnold etc etc etc. Odd that none of them are on at the festival I thought given the ticket price it would be relatively small but it looks like its 8k capacity.
  6. Its such a brilliant festival...compact site so no massive hikes (but still plenty of room), great beer choice, but the crowd is what makes it...an absolutely lovely bunch.
  7. Might have considered this but at Bearded Theory that weekend...and £110 + bf seems very steep for that line up...not much less than I paid for Bearded and thats for 4 days and a much bigger bill and includes camping. Sadly, think it might struggle.
  8. Still going for Idles as sub headliner for the Friday...not sure if the below makes it more or less likely though...
  9. Sadly we caught Covid at Beautiful Days the weekend before so couldn't go! Had a mate who went and said it was really good Have to say the organisers were brilliant though. I emailed them to say we couldnt go and asked if they had a waiting list for tickets as didnt want them to go to waste...they asked me to send back the wristbands and a copy of a positive test result, day after I did that had an email saying they had rolled our tickets over to 2022. They didn't have to do that...exceptional service.
  10. They have said one of the subs is actually headliner sized for Bearded but they have agreed to go 2nd on the bill, which is apparently why The Mission are billed as 'special guests' as they are big enough to sub. Confusing. I am still going for Idles. They tried to book them for 2020 but was on an exclusivity agreement with another festival that year.
  11. Talking my other half into going to a new festival is like trying to nail a fart to a cloud but after the first Bearded we went to when we got back to the car on the last day she asked if tickets were on sale for the next year...its that kind of place. Compared to most festivals its not such hard work, you are probably never more than 10-15 minutes from where you want to be, no queues at the bars, toilets are fine...but the main thing is the dickhead v lovely people is so low its virtually negligible.
  12. Its an absolutely cracking festival...small site, incredible crowd, great beer choice (but you can take your own drink in the arena)...you won't regret it
  13. Good ta...apart from literally in the last few hours I've started having this absolutely minging taste/smell in my mouth/nose that I can't get rid of...its horrible! I wouldnt mind but can't taste anything at all the last few days!
  14. Yeah thats what I thought...some decent stuff but didnt blow me away. Not really that bothered to be honest, just being there will be enough. In very small print it does say that all the subheadliners are yet to be announced though
  15. Cheers mate. I am just a bit achey. My other half has been in bed for 4 days so she is loving it!
  16. All of us have now tested positive...bloody hell.
  17. Thanks mate. Yeah, its surprising really, know quite a few people who have been double jabbed who have had it in the last few weeks. Pissed off about the festival though...its a camp next to your car jobbie and weather forecast is great! Bugger...
  18. My other half tested positive last night (despite being double jabbed). Its meant that a festival we were due to go to today is now out of the window. Gutted.
  19. Absolutely gutted but the other half has just tested positive for covid so we won't be able to go. FFS. If anybody knows anybody who wants 2 adults and an under 5 (although think if they were 6 they would be OK) including the Thursday give me a shout.
  20. I think it will be much bigger...they are aiming at 10k capacity which will be more than double this year (not sure though if that increase will be next year or gradual over a few years). On the plus side will mean more stages and bigger acts. Hopefully a few more of the food stalls will appear and they will let us take pur own booze in again to keep the bar queues down. Funnily enough going to a festival on the same site this weekend (Camper Calling) which I believe has the same kind of capacity so I'll pop sommat on after about what kind of an impact it has on the site. You can camp next to your car at Camper Calling so if Bigfoot go down that route as well it would be perfect.
  21. Best thing for me was the people...really missed talking to strangers the last 18 months. Everybody I spoke to was absolutely lovely Skindred were the best band of the weekend...never seen them before but thought they were phenomenal. Also really enjoyed Lottery Winners and Fighting Rhythm ('Fuck You Boris Johnson' being a highlight). James were great but felt like a really short set. Given the forecast disappointing they didn't put any straw down on the main walkway...it was a death trap by the main entrance to the arena Saturday night. It was exactly the same the last time it was on. Overall we had a great weekend, probably not good enough to tempt us back next year but glad we went nevertheless.
  22. Yeah...been doing festivals for 30 years and they are probably in the 5 worst! Apparently loads are at covid test sites so there are fewer available for festivals, but that doesn't explain the lack of cleanliness....if anything having fewer to service they should be cleaned more often.
  23. Part of the problem with loos at festivals is half of them are unoccupied but people in queue are waiting for somebody to come out, particularly at night, and particularly with the ones there this year where the 'red/green' thing was missing on most of them I had an idea that they should have a little flag at the top that drops down when you lock it...if you see a flag you know its empty.
  24. It felt like a bit more than a 'fair bit' at the time...don't think it stopped at all on Friday!
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