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  1. Don't change anything...if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and Bearded is probably one of the very few things in this world at the moment that ain't broke. Took me bloody decades to find a festival I love, my daughter loves and my other half doesn't hate and don't fancy having to start looking again from scratch if it changes.
  2. I think it will have to be a big (ish) name if they want to get the tickets shifting. Can't imagine anybody looking at the current line up and thinking 'I must buy a ticket for that!'. Supergrass/Suede/Pixies/James. Frank Turner maybe? Hoping for a bit more strength on the undercard as well...hard to see how the current line up would fill a main stage line up. As an example, really like Shame but they are 3rd on the main stage at Bearded, and Working Mens Club 2nd on the 2nd stage, and they are both now 10k capacity I believe (plus loads better headliners for Bearded). I know its not comparing like with like exactly but it should be a fair indication. Plus I am guessing Bigfoot get a shitload from the bars which is why they are trying to restrict how much booze we take (including into the campsite which is fucking nuts!) Loads of stuff that would look good on the Signature Brew stage though. Hopefully won't be as underwhelmed at 10am tomorrow as I was with the first announcement...was really up for this but change of venue, limiting booze you can take into the campsite and largely pisspoor first line up announcement have put me right off.
  3. Dunno...I used to drink in some right shitholes!
  4. We went last year and prebooked for this. Beer was really reasonably priced...basically same as a decent pub
  5. Bigfoot is phenomenal for beer choice...probably even better than Bearded
  6. We're doing that Bigfoot festival again not long after Bearded. They made the first announcement yesterday and Kid Kapichi are one of a few announced I really want to see...that song with Bob Vylan is an absolute banger!
  7. I did think that...our original plan was I would go Wednesday and my other half and babby would join me when the babby finished school on Friday. That would have been bloody lethal.
  8. There is a lot to be shouting about at the minute!
  9. Shame about not opening on the Wednesday but it is what it is. Some decent new additions. Saw that Andrew Cushin at an all dayer in Brum a while ago, he was good but totally up his own arse. Spent ages saying how shit a night out in Brum is and slagging off the crowd for being quiet which put me off him a bit. Bellend (even if he did have a point) Loads of clashes, will be gutted if Dubioza Kolektiv and Bob Vylan clash
  10. Right...gonna stop moaning about the venue changing, the underwhelming line up announcement and the ridiculous 4 cans into the campsite and focus on the positives-. * Only paid early bird price of about £90 a ticket which is great * There are bands lower down the bill I definitely want to see, and based on last year, no doubt there will be loads of bands I haven't listened to that I will end up loving (like Bob Vylan and Big Joanie last year) * Great beet choices, reasonable prices and no queues at the bar, hopefully same this year * Really nice crowd, didn't see any dickheads * Will be drinking beer and watching music on a Friday afternoon rather than swearing at a laptop and regretting my life choices * Next announcement could smash it out it the park.
  11. They tried last year and people kicked off and they backed down. Purely down to making more money. Can totally understand not being able to take booze into the arena, fine, but 4 cans is less than one for the morning and one for the night each day, ridiculous
  12. Says on the website that you can only take 4 beers or one bottle of wine per person into the campsite as well. Really milking it this year!
  13. Pretty poor headliners I have to say. Happy Mondays I have always been really disappointed by live. Don't really know Caribou so will give them a listen. Some decent stuff on the undercard though. To be honest based on that if I hadn't booked early birds it wouldn't have got me reaching for my credit card. Meh. Was expecting much more given capacity is x 2.5 bigger than last year. Good choice of breweries. Doesnt look like a lot of food choice so hope that gets considerably added to.
  14. Cheers! Yeah, had a bit of a hissy fit for 10 minutes then realised if I didnt go I would just spend the weekend wishing I was there anyway. Hopefully the capacity increase won't impact too much on the atmosphere. Been scouring bands social media to see if anybody was saying they were making an announcement tomorrow but no joy. Noticed Chemical Brothers are doing dates round then...might be wishful thinking but they were incredible at Bluedot a few years ago (alomg with Flaming Lips and Future Islands...great line up!)
  15. Excellent. Gonna be very hard to call the headliners. 10k would put it around the size of Bearded Theory so would expect some reasonably big headliners and a strong undercard....roll on 9am Tuesday!
  16. Yeah, think I suggested Supergrass. Change of venue pissed us off but now thinking we probably will go but take the babby out of school on the Friday Still think Supergrass, Suede might not be a bad shout though. Think also suggested Pixies. For the dancey act maybe Basement Jaxx dj set? Not sure if the capacity will be last years 4k or the 10k they were aiming for which will obviously jave a huge impact on their budget.
  17. Done a few Bluedots and always had a amazing weekend. Not going this year as already booked my 3 festival limit. Headliners aren't really my cup of tea but still think it looks like a decent line up. Bluedot is trying to do something different so wouldn't expect to see the 'normal' festival headliners. Bet it will be fucking rammed for Yard Act though!
  18. Bit annoying...they have moved the bloody site to Buckingham. Given the babby is at school the Friday we will be lucky to make it there much before 6pm on the Friday even of the traffic is OK. Shame but will be having to ask for a refund
  19. Wouldnt mind Charlatans, seen them loads over the years and always good but still reckon its Idles. Sure they said they tried to get them 2 years ago but they were on an exclusivity deal with R&L. Plus they have said the 'tbc' are big enough to headline, not sure if thats true of Charlatans anymore? Idles are headlining thay Creation thing in Wolvo Bearded weekend so thinking there might be an agreement Bearded can't announce them until a specific date so those tickets shift?
  20. Shaping up nicely this one! James, Shed 7, Starsailor, Basement Jaxx dj set, Del Amitri, Pigeon Detectives.
  21. Supergrass might be a good shout. Seem to be playing bloody everywhere and have another UK festival that weekend. Maybe Pixies as an outside bet?
  22. Yeah...very hard to call! To be fair for me the bands I enjoyed the most was on the Signature Brew stage, they had some great stuff on. Hope the atmosphere stays the same...but the weather doesn't.
  23. Yeah...really hoping Bob Vylan and Dubioza Kolektiv don't clash!
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