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  1. have to say having been there before transport to town is generally good if you want to die on a train rammed more than rush hour in London... the feste itself is SOOOOOOO commercial you can only buy beer or red bull there... pleasan t views with shuttle service to campsite... Headliners chose their time... so might not be last on :D

    and it does rain in Lisbon so dont be fooled :D

  2. they said it sold out last year...then released another 10,000 tickets....personally I dont think it did...and certainly people we knew got tickets really cheap outside festival which was gutting having paid full price...think it this climate it will be not too bad..but never say never

  3. lovely jubbly.....

    We have our usual bunch coming with us Mr.Steve & Mrs Steve and Katey and of course possibly the best ever band I've ever seen cappuchino music man himself DADDY COOL PHIL :P:P waits......

    At Michala's Patio set .....with baited breath.....

  4. Seeing as how I've got my tickets I'll defo be going - been trying to persuade my friends and the line-up's been putting most of them off. Even if it's camping with camp eFests (if that's okay with you all) I'm sure I'll have a great time, but I'm very bored with laddish guitar music and synths, so not a great deal for me so far - it tends to narrow things down a bit :P
  5. like my other post if you collect clubcard tokens or know seomeone who does you got 4x value for ferry which saves you loads if taking car 30 tokens =120 ferry etc etc so worked out good for us and you can part pay in cash too

    Car parking is free...gates dont open til 12 or 12.30 n not a minute before and it can be chaos at car park to get in...although parking was simple last year but we arrived so so so early I dropped my other half off at bus station with bags camping gear to save us walking as far with stuff ...It worked we got our pitch and everyone elses in White ...closest to main arena if you not in posh or family/disabled camping... downside is you are really herded even if you arrive early on the Thursday and facilities round about lacking...ie water was nowhere to be seen n 2 portaloos for approx 500 people really isnt great...not with so many on cider/beer not to mention no escape from the sun (so hard done by at IOW weather wise :P

  6. for those of you looking to save some cash you can also use tesco clubcard vouchers to get 4x the value on ferry crossing if you look it up online...we did it from Southampton last year and if you're taking a car it can save you loads think we used 30 quids worth of tesco vouchers n got 120 worth of vouchers for ferry and paid the odds...cos it CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE taking car over :P

  7. Sadly its a no from us even though Ian likes the look of the line-up and I enjoy the weather and camp banter has been good n interestng I'm afraid Glasto got our money this year which was supposed to be our last big festi and commercialised festival until rumours of download thanks to our friend Darren we bought tickets and Mike will get to see ACDC and RATM for the 4th time not to mention Aerosmith who I dont like...but who can argue with a 10year old... I do believe the cracking people we have met at IOW we'll bump into a lot of you at Glasto :P and those we dont I'm sure we'll catch up with you at some point soon :P

    For those needing sold IOW its a good festival with not much running around and if its your first it'll be perfect.. if you're used to bigger commercialised festivals too its a good one...downside is the queing to get into the arena when you are already so clearly there and the searching of bags so you dont take food into arena even if its for a child is quite off putting...but the weather is good there and if your lucky like we have been you'll meet a cracking bunch of people to camp with n maybe sort out your own camp lala and make some really good friends :P

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