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    Motorcycle Trials, walking, music, cats and books - lots of them!
  1. Smack and I are just back from Loop tonight.....went to Applecross for lunch today 'on the way home'...NOT, it's bloomin miles away! Loopallu was good crack and it was great, nay life affirming to see you all again. We caught the Grousebeater Sound System in the Arch on Sunday - great stuff and looking promising. Highlights for me were: Codeine Velvet Club Seaforth fish and chips Mrs MacDonalds luxurious B&B (Dromnan) Paul, upon Alabama 3's entrance saying "Where's the burd?" Paul almost fainting when I told him the Mumford mob were pish! Climbing Ullapool hill after meaning to do so for the last 4 Loopallus Downers: No local seafood at the fest unlike the past 4 Pish line up apart from CVC and A3 No Vatersay boys No Lorelei Slight feeling of complacency creeping in to the Loopallu proceedings SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR
  2. Been doing a bit of googling and found this lot who are maybe, possibly, allegedly playing Loopallu: Ten Bears The Codeine Velvet Club The Dangleberries The Side (Fringe : Seaforth Friday ) Rhythmnreel (Fringe : Seaforth Saturday TBC) Naked Strangers TBC Party Horse
  3. That's us sorted. Tix and a hotel organised. Looking forward to seeing you all again. Pete
  4. Dear Paul tee emm, Ho ho bloody ho.....your not funny, you gave me right turn with your wee 'exclusive'. I'll just have to get an even more luxurious and fabulous abode for Loopallu this year, just to make you JEALOUS!!!! Har! now hear me? You'll need a boat to get any vodka out of me y'hear! a boat! yours truly, Pete
  5. Right then, Hue and Cry should be shot at dawn. They are utter pish! If they play Bella that'll be the end of it. C'mon, that Linda one must be about retirement age now. Retrofest Bella is not! C'mon Paul, back me up here dude.
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