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  1. It is now much more likely than not to be cancelled, I'd think a miracle is probably needed. The best case scenario seems to be delay the spread of the infection and from what I've seen the definition of 'success' for this is shifting the peak number of cases out by +2 or +3 months. This would take us to beginning of May, June respectively but this would only be the point at which infections had peaked. It seems completely improbable that we would have eliminated the virus from our shores by June and as such can't see a scenario where such a mass gathering of people would be allowed to go ahead.
  2. As I understand it any shut down etc would only be to delay or reduce any peak in demand on services etc so we have a fighting chance to cope not to eradicate it or reduce the overall % infected long term. On that basis this is going to go on for months and 2020 could well be a write off.
  3. Based on no scientific basis I’m calling it now - olympics and Glasto to be cancelled. I’m an old git now and learnt to trust my gut and it just doesn’t look good. Very much hope to be proved wrong.
  4. Success as about 0920. Only two needed this year.
  5. Where was their stall, looked out for it but it’d moved from their usual spot.
  6. No, I thought the same. Also their kitchen was filthy (not necessarily unhygienic but certainly stuff everywhere) when a I visited on the Sunday. Seemed like they had just given up trying to keep it in order.
  7. I think ‘The Other Stage’ is an inspired name. Would hate for them to change it.
  8. I'll await judgement to see if the improvement can be maintained for a few more years. The last two fest's weather have undoubtedly helped. Let's see how it goes at the next properly wet one.
  9. Couldn’t tell difference but actually found Mallets to be passable in the heat.
  10. Splatt

    2020 headliners

    It’s all about the business at the end of the day!
  11. I heard the grand plan is for it to extend completely down the field over coming years. Might have to start building it in January if that’s the case.
  12. Splatt

    Flops 2019

    Missed not having all the tea lights out in the craft fields on sat and sun. They were there on Friday though so not sure what happened, perhaps it was the wind but didn’t seem too bad.
  13. Splatt


    Was it ever that busy - was always pretty empty when I was there and as such not much of atmosphere. I’d say whilst both Pangea and IICON looked amazing for some reason they didn’t capture the crowds attention this year.
  14. Don’t know why particularly but food doesn’t seem as great a variety this year. Many iterations of the same thing (halloumi fries anyone) and quite few stores with multiple sites. Quality seems pretty high across board but there is a certain something missing I feel. Probably just me!
  15. Splatt


    Let’s hope the breeze forecast doesn’t interrupt it’s use.
  16. Thank you all. The weather thread is always my warm up to the festival but this year has been utterly exceptional. I’ve loved it - now to the farm!
  17. Yes. It’s on the map in the email they’ve just sent. Through entrance and turn right.
  18. Splatt


    Pretty sure it’s the platform under the globe. Read somewhere that DJs will be only 2 ft above us punters.
  19. Splatt


    It’s pretty ugly but can’t wait to see what they do with it. It will be awesome at Glasto 2023!
  20. Forecasts like this don’t come round often ?
  21. Splatt


    Is it the angle or just my eyes but it looks like the Cranes booth in Pangea has got a lot bigger, looks like a shed to me!
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