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  1. matt2007

    Farm address

    Thank you....
  2. matt2007

    Farm address

    I have lost the address for Worthy farm and can't seem to find it. Can anyone help please.
  3. matt2007

    odd glasto references

    I have always liked the late Pete McCarthy's quote form his book "McCarthy's Bar" regarding an old man in the back room of a bar in Ireland - " He smelt like a wet dog, in a beer tent at Glastonbury" Maybe a bit off topic but I know what that means!
  4. matt2007

    Disabled facilities - criteria to use them

    email a few months before, you may not need a letter, the girl from my team didn't
  5. matt2007

    Sizing of Womens Glastonbury 2017 t shirts

    I bought my wife a vest top that was medium and she is a 12-14ish and it fits fine. I got a mans crew one that was large but not big enough for me with a 40" chest Hope that helps a bit
  6. matt2007

    Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    Every year I have to put my box of festival crew t shirts in the loft, on the advice of my wife. The advice is get rid or else! I know when to do my duty to make sure I am allowed to escape for 10 days each year!
  7. matt2007

    The best place to **** was ****

    The best place to pretend I am famous was Pyramid hospitality
  8. matt2007

    NYC Downlow

    Well the male/female couple going for it at 04.45 near the acoustic tent on Sunday didn't give a shit, both proper naked too, and no I haven't got a photo for you!
  9. matt2007

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    That's Michael with one of my teams t-shirts, (Matthew's Glastonbury Team 2017) we raised money for the Samaritans, all credit to Kirsty Coulston for the design, still have a couple if anyone wants one......
  10. matt2007

    Getting on contact with the Eavis

    Letters are usually best
  11. matt2007

    2018 - quote from Michael

    I have now heard from three different sources including Radio 1 that Michael has said that if he can get a certain band then there may be a festival next year. Not sure how true this is but it came from the man himself. Anyone else heard this?
  12. matt2007

    Countryfile Day 2017!

    Leaving for he farm soon, will try and post an update about the site later on
  13. matt2007

    Parking Near the Festival

    Tell him to go to the Bath and West Showground and get a shuttle bus from there
  14. matt2007

    Pregnant at Glastonbury 2017

    If you are worried pop up to the main medical centre and ask to see a midwife, yes they are there! And take you hand held notes too
  15. matt2007

    Most romantic places to propose

    In a longdrop