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  1. love the acoustic stage but cannot work out from what we have seen so far who might be there, i know not quite on message but...
  2. sit somewhere with friends and new ones watch to world go by and talk bollocks
  3. Hello does anyone have the classic dancing, signing logo, circular-ish. ant the new banner type one with the moon at the top? These are for my teams HI-VIS, black only if poss please. thanks matthew's glastonbury team 2019 RAVE, RECYCLE, RAVE, REAPEAT
  4. matt2007

    Brexit at Glasto?

    please can we have one place where this mess is left at home, what ever your views lets please just enjoy the festival.
  5. But dont rush leave it till lunchtime at least as Monday nearly everyone leaves at once and it might take you a age to get to the shuttle and then to the town its self. Walk up the Tor
  6. Sorry will try again, it is on the front page of BBC news
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-4720397 This is interesting. I don't think that Glastonbury is going this way but we all must try to keep the reason we go and it has become so successful by respecting it's ethos
  8. Dont forget to 10000 children under 12 you get in free and are not counted at the gates and as a volunteer I was told in 2017 that staff, market, performers, volunteers and build crew adds up to about 65000 but am not sure if this over and above toe 20300 or included in that.
  9. I think this will depend on the days you are working and your shift times. E.G. Starting at 08.00 on the Wed is a real no-no but before or after the festival MAY be more fesable. If you are relying on organising and booking cabs you may well be disappointed. Can you camp instead within the festival in a public area? Or at least pretend to stay in your crew camp.
  10. A few weeks ago I had a nightmare that someone told me Janet Jackson was headlining, still have flashbacks!
  11. Detention, asking parents to come to school for "chat" about, one school talked about fining parents
  12. So two of my kids school have said that sanctions may be put in place if this happens again. So why did I spend hours helping them with their climate change projects and presentations?
  13. I don't know if thats right, I have met many a dummy on Worthy Farm over the years......
  14. Remember the kidz field, NCT bus for baby baths, advice and a chill out area. Slings are good, many years of doing this, leave stuff in the car and make the odd trip back to take dirty stuff back and collect new things. Food for a 9 month old is tricky to find so take more than you need. Get in as early as you can on the Wed for a place in Cockmill!
  15. Was a great festival, what a mix...shame it doesn't happened anymore.
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