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  1. matt2007

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Wellies just in case, pace yourselves, see Kylie as she will have the biggest crowd of the weekend, take snacks - I take cereal bars, peanuts etc. take refillable water bottles, £1 from poundland every water tap has clean drinking water. And a fleece as at night it can get surprising cold finally take you time
  2. matt2007

    Soundtrack Help for Road Trip

    Download the soundtrack from the 2005 Julien Temple film, mud, music and mayhem, good double live album
  3. matt2007

    An announcement by christmas

    Emily has said there will be another announcement before christmas, sorry cannot copy the link at the mo
  4. matt2007

    Timing of lineup

    You need the Thingy
  5. matt2007

    Thursday Night

    Volunteer, the crew bars across the site from Sunday are legendary. That's where we,ll be al 40 of us
  6. matt2007

    Respect the Females (and other rules)

    Don't go to see Colplay
  7. Would love to share these with the teami take as part of the reducing crew but cannot work out how to link them our Facebook page any ideas? Thanks 

  8. matt2007

    Glasto Recycling Crew 2017.

    A polite letter to Fiona Case at the farm might help you, she recruits the recycling crew. I would like to help more but don't know you personally. Good luck pm me if you want to. I know a midwife at the festival from way back !
  9. matt2007

    So...do you remember your first time?

    1987 walked passed a house that had a poster advertising tickets, knocked on the door and bought one there and then. When we got to the farm in pitch black set up tenet and crashed. Next morning I wake open the tent to see two women naked having a strip wash over a bowl. I like this place I thought and have been to every festival since. Now volunteer which means that I know I will be back every time
  10. matt2007

    T Day.... good for the festival?

    I knew two weeks ago that again, 6 years plus, that I could take a team of 40. Why because for years we have worked hard and proved our worth to the farm. We only do 20 hours over 4 days but we do it and know we will be back for the next 5 festivals. It is the way to do it. Ps team is full!
  11. I agree been going since the 80's and volunteering for the last 6 I knew a couple of weeks ago my tem had their tickets. 20 hours of work over 4 days, wouldn't change it for the world. Ps sorry the team is full.
  12. matt2007

    What I learnt during the ticket sale.

    There was one year, 2005 I think when the ticket sale was in April, bought 3 and they didn't take the money from my account for 10 days!
  13. matt2007

    Hand fasting

    Many thanks...
  14. matt2007

    Hand fasting

    Can anyone tell me how I can organise a hand fasting for two very loyal members of the recycling crew, it's a secret!
  15. matt2007

    Farm address

    Thank you....