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  1. Craigston

    2019 Line up

    This is the t-shirt I was on about. In my opinion and those of my mates several of whom ARE going this year far better strength in depth. For me, the same can be said for ‘09 ‘10 and ‘11 really.
  2. Craigston

    2019 Line up

    Maybe I’m getting old and I know it’s horses for courses, but overall, the Glasto line up really is so shite this year, I’m glad I’m not going. Probably 2 or 3 must sees for me when it’s usually 20 or 30. I recently dug out an old 2007 t-shirt- checking the back print that had a properly brilliant line up and I loved the fest, despite the site being like the Somme public baths that year. I pulled out of my resale group as a result of the line up (they all got tickets) as I felt the cash outlay wasn’t quite worth it for the craic alone. Hope you all have a good one - it can be the best place on earth with the right ents to enjoy cheers all Craigston
  3. Craigston

    Arcade Fire

    Superb performance although I thought regine's vocals were a bit iffy in places. ready to start, no cars go and a sublime version of the suburbs were my highlights.
  4. Craigston

    House Music

    Lovin frankie knuckles on channel 4s house party. Alison Limerick singing the classic 'where love lives' live. Great memories, Happy New Year all!
  5. Craigston

    House Music

    I remember it being Played to death at Glasto 2002 - loved it!
  6. Finally went up that on the way out Monday morning last year- have to say even though im far from the fittest, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, even with a fuck-ton of stuff on two hours sleep. Good shots
  7. Craigston


    Some sparkling wit from him, indeed, but I thought the setlist was a little disappointing from someone with such great songs at his disposal. New songs were poor and what was the early start all about?
  8. Craigston


    I know they're not 'clones' but friesian cows for example would not be in existence were it not for man. Ultimately we're decended from omnivores. Now that we're supposedly civilised what we eat is personal preference. If you'd prefer a nut cutlet to a steak that's up to you. As for being selfish, I'm sure my local organic farmer (and his much loved cows) would wholly disagree with you. the carrot maxim was clearly a joke so why don't you lighten up?
  9. Craigston


    This kind of echoes my earlier sentiments that as much as I appreciate his music, he'll never get me to give up meat. I mean they way I look at it, would any of the domesticated animal breeds have ever existed if we had not bred them for our own purposes? My other maxim on vegetarianism would be 'carrots scream when you pull them from the ground!'. That said a girl at work has given up all meat based on watching Moz do meat is murder on telly at Glasto this year! Don't know what she'd have done had she listened to the album with screaming animals and alleged captive bolt samples! Gotta go - my wife's got a beautiful steak on the barbie for me!
  10. Craigston


    Or in the Beat Hotel, smashing a dead hippy into your face. Lovely stuff and something I did daily at Glasto this year whether Moz approves or not.
  11. Craigston


    Massive radiohead AND Moz fan (seen em both multiple times) so I was in a real dilemma Friday night. I Went for radiohead in view of them having more new material out. Was a bit disappointed with their nervy TKOL effort and lack of classics their set featured but Moz didn't look on top form on TV either. Nice choice to have though - only at Glasto!
  12. Craigston


    The positives- Great location, views and space to chill out with a soundtrack provided by the park stage but then we knew this before we went. Easy access for stone circle most of the stages (apart from JP AND PYRAMID) It did feel more securein there although my camping chair was stolen on Sunday night. However, I thought the facilities for tipi dwellers were somewhat lacking- 8 was nowhere near enough toilets for everyone. the tipis themselves were smaller than I thought they would be and could only just accommodate 6 blokes, all their stuff and an air/camp bed each. The showers were great- first time in nine Glastos I've bothered. On reflection on the whole experience, positive and recommended!
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