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  1. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    Feeling so left out watching these campervan and camping posts ☹️
  2. You can book one per registration as long as that rego holds a valid festival ticket.
  3. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    Carl Cox has just announced he's playing an outdoor gig next to my house in Feb - he's self confirmed for Glastonbury'50 so I might just have to pop over and see if he needs a roadie to come with him ?
  4. Are they increasing the capacity of CV East then? If they aren't then traffic flow should be same as usual. I think the extra camper vans due to closure of west CV will be sent to Bath & West from what they're sying online
  5. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    I hate this living in limbo I hate that I can't buy a camper van ticket tomorrow as I don't have a festival ticket yet Now I'm stressing that there will be less campervan places with the changes to West Campers and even if I'm successful in April with tickets I won't get a campervan ticket. I'm coming from Australia for my 50th so I don't have camping gear in the UK and I've already booked and paid for the van!! I can't even book pop up accommodation on site 'just in case' without a ticket! If I could hibernate for the winter I would....except it's summer here!! I know I can take a campervan into Oxfam camping if we're successful getting a spot with them so there's still a couple of options I suppose...... I also hate to see people moaning about one of the most successful artists in the world headlining on Saturday......if it bothers you that much don't go and see someone else...put your tickets back in the pot!!! There's plenty of us that will appreciate them. Sorry for the moan.....will try to be positive!
  6. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    Just realised (and don't know how to edit my post above!) that the most recent sale was for 4 tickets in local sale so probably means nothing and won't be live again until April resale. ?
  7. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    I'm hoping a ballot winner (or two) don't respond within the 7 day deadline and they give a couple more away next Monday...wishful thinking I know. I'm so deflated even though the odds were minimal. Also....I've jut done the first of my daily checks on the See tickets page and got to a booking page asking for up to 4 registrations for deposit payments. Of course I tried and got a message says admission tickets currently unavailable!! Bit strange though - why has it changed from 6 to 4 tickets and why for deposits only?? I know the April resale will be for 4 tickets only but payment in full will be due straight away - no deposits. Is something going to happen between now and then??
  8. If it has a May 2020 restock date the order wont have been fulfilled yet. You can cancel it and order from Waterstones. They deliver overseas...I'm in Melbourne and my copy was dispatched yesterday.
  9. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    Love this - hopefully we'll all have a big red line through our names come April ?
  10. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    I saw an email in my inbox from Waterstones this morning and got all excited but it was just to say the book is being despatched. Finger crossed I get another in a few days time to say I'm one of the lucky winners ?
  11. nusha

    50 @ 50

    Wow - there are a few of us! No wonder my 'please can I have guaranteed tickets Emily and Michael as I'm 50 too.' didn't work! No luck for me for a ticket so far but not giving up! I've joined the FB group Glasto 50 and hope to joint that party next June - 294 members makes it seem like a small club. There's another page 'It’s official - Celebrate our 50th at Glastonbury’s 50th in 2020' and that's got almost 10,000 interested. I hope most have tickets else that's a hell of a lot of people back in the pot for resales.
  12. nusha

    Resale club 2020

    Hey everyone - long time member but minimal poster here.... I didn't manage to get tickets in the main sale and subsequently sent begging letters to See tickets and Glastonbury as I thought I was really deserving of pity tickets but turns out really I'm just one of many (thousands) with the similar cases to plead.... nothing special about mine but here goes...I went to the festival for many years before emigrating to Australia in 2009. I had small kids with me at the 2005 and 2007 festivals when you could swim to the pyramid stage with all the rain we had and I still came back again and again as my love for the festival is so huge. Leaving my family to live in Australia was tough but also knowing I was giving up my annual Glastonbury fix was a close second. We came home for a visit in 2014 (It takes a long time to save to fly 4 of you home) and we luckily secured Glastonbury tickets from Oz in the October sale prior. That was a great festival - we reunited with long time friends and had a blast and the kids got to experience it as teenagers and we got our freedom back a bit. Next year I too am 50 and the plan was always to come back for Glastonbury's 50th. This was my first appeal 'cos obviously I'm the only person who wants to attend the 50th Glastonbury and also turning 50 myself.....but, apparently it's not just me..there's others! Next issue is that I've booked flights and a campervan as you have to get in quick to get the deals. I was not too worried about securing tickets...I've never failed...Mistake 2! I got through and had all details entered on ticket day before the site crashed which made failure harder to take. So here I am with a bucket list dream, a big birthday to celebrate, flights from Australia to the UK booked, a campervan booked and 4 weeks holiday....with no tickets ? It could be 5 years or more before we can afford to come back so trying again next year or the year after isn't an option for us. So now we're trying all options....We've ordered the book (to Mum's house as you have to be UK resident to go in the draw), entered the ballot and registered for Oxfam and Festaff (but will struggle to do the 2 festivals option for Festaff so may only have Oxfam as an option). I've had lovely emails back from See and the Festival but they're not going to help out as they've had thousands of similar requests We'll try again in April too but it's such limbo isn't it. I keep telling myself if I'm meant to be there fate will get me there. That and tips from this awesome forum....it's got me to 2 or 3 festivals in the past with booking day tips and links. Anyway...there's my sob story....Good luck everyone
  13. nusha

    Diana Ross

    I've managed to just about hold it together after the disappointment of missing out on Sunday but this has just tipped me over the edge. Even more desperate now to be there. It's my 50th next year and she's been on my Glastonbury Bucket list for a few years! Flights are booked - Camper is booked....Just need those tickets...by hook or by crook.....
  14. I'm from the UK but we live in Australia now and it's Friday afternoon....It'll be Sunday evening here when tickets go on sale. We moved here 2009 and went to the festival every year prior to that..except in 2009 when my brother decided to get married that weekend. We used to have little kids in tow when we went but they're now 18 and 21!! We all came back to visit in 2014 and managed to get tickets from here in the October sale prior. Last year we tried for my daughter who travelled Europe with her friends this summer and we never got a sniff of the ticket page even though we had 5-6 devices trying. Now I'm 50 next May and Glastonbury 2020 is my birthday wish - I even tried blagging the Glastonbury office into giving priority to those turning 50 next year but got a polite no lol! I've booked the flights, booked the camper van and now just need to secure those tickets on Sunday....no pressure. I have a friend trying in the US and more trying in Portugal....we used to go together so this will be a bit of a reunion as well as a monster birthday party...for Glastonbury and ME! There's plenty of festivals here in Melbourne but Glastonbury is such a tough act to follow. We're off to falls festival in Tasmania for New Year...hopefully as a warm up for the big one next June. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE TRYING ON SUNDAY - HOPEFULLY SEE YOU AT THE PYRAMID...CHEERS!
  15. nusha

    Resale Club 2019

    Hey all - not sure if there's been a secret sale that I've missed or one is imminent but I can get through to the deposit booking page. I entered regos but it says tickets not available at this time! I keep trying intermittently and got in today!!! https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2019-deposits/worthy-farm/1300000
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