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  1. Pretty hard to beat Bodger and Badger 🤣
  2. New Order were here in Melbourne this weekend. They were booked to play at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday, which is an outdoor venue with 2000 seats and 10,000 standing. They then announced a more intimate gig on the Sunday night at a 2,000 person indoor venue which is a great place with a sloped floor - not a bad view anywhere in the room and never far from the stage. We were really lucky to get Sunday tickets which sold out in less than a minute and sold our Saturday tix!! Then.....on Friday our prime minister announced that gatherings of more than 500 should be avoided from Mon
  3. They've just officially cancelled the Melbourne Grand Prix - as punters were lined up to go in! They didn't want to I think there's been massive pressure on them and drivers/teams pulling out. I think any decision to cancel could be out of the hands of the festival if artists start to drop out and travel bans continue. I've gone from being no way will it be cancelled to uh oh, there'a a decent chance it will. I'm worried I might not even get to the UK in June, let alone get to Glastonbury. It's just so hard to trust what you read at the moment as there's so much conflicting
  4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Birmingham Odeon 1984!! The start of a lifelong love for live music and gigs 😁
  5. nusha

    Volunteering 2020

    Well done, that's excellent! Did you manage to act on it and get a spot?
  6. nusha

    Volunteering 2020

    You know those really annoying people who say... I was abroad on my phone and got through straight away - all done in 2 minutes!!!...Well, that was me for once - so it does happen!! I got straight on at 11:30 from AUS and all done in less than a minute BUT my husband on his phone at the same time didn't so not really any nearer going at the moment as if he can't go, I can't go! I'll keep checking for random spots as people drop out and we're also going for the resale in April. I feel like I've used up my 'getting straight through online' luck today though. Being in limbo is killing m
  7. Feeling so left out watching these campervan and camping posts ☹️
  8. You can book one per registration as long as that rego holds a valid festival ticket.
  9. Carl Cox has just announced he's playing an outdoor gig next to my house in Feb - he's self confirmed for Glastonbury'50 so I might just have to pop over and see if he needs a roadie to come with him ?
  10. Are they increasing the capacity of CV East then? If they aren't then traffic flow should be same as usual. I think the extra camper vans due to closure of west CV will be sent to Bath & West from what they're sying online
  11. I hate this living in limbo I hate that I can't buy a camper van ticket tomorrow as I don't have a festival ticket yet Now I'm stressing that there will be less campervan places with the changes to West Campers and even if I'm successful in April with tickets I won't get a campervan ticket. I'm coming from Australia for my 50th so I don't have camping gear in the UK and I've already booked and paid for the van!! I can't even book pop up accommodation on site 'just in case' without a ticket! If I could hibernate for the winter I would....except it's summer here!! I know I can
  12. Just realised (and don't know how to edit my post above!) that the most recent sale was for 4 tickets in local sale so probably means nothing and won't be live again until April resale. ?
  13. I'm hoping a ballot winner (or two) don't respond within the 7 day deadline and they give a couple more away next Monday...wishful thinking I know. I'm so deflated even though the odds were minimal. Also....I've jut done the first of my daily checks on the See tickets page and got to a booking page asking for up to 4 registrations for deposit payments. Of course I tried and got a message says admission tickets currently unavailable!! Bit strange though - why has it changed from 6 to 4 tickets and why for deposits only?? I know the April resale will be for 4 tickets only but pay
  14. If it has a May 2020 restock date the order wont have been fulfilled yet. You can cancel it and order from Waterstones. They deliver overseas...I'm in Melbourne and my copy was dispatched yesterday.
  15. Love this - hopefully we'll all have a big red line through our names come April ?
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