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  1. Jason447

    Help for resale!!

    She’s very tall for her age and will be nearly 14. She’s taller than her 18 year old cousin.... ?
  2. Jason447

    Help for resale!!

    Like an idiot I realised last night that I forgot to register my daughter for Glasto tickets. She was under 13 and free last year, but now needs a ticket. It completely slipped my mind. She will be devastated if she can’t go because of my mistake. i have emailed Glasto and Seetickets in a desperate measure to see if I can get her registered but know it will likely be to no avail. To that end, if I am lucky enough to get tickets on Sunday, can I be the first to ask for help from the good people on the Glasto forum for the resale so that my daughter can join me? Good luck to everyone for the Glasto ticket sale!! Jason
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