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  1. Queen aren't playing , it's "American Idol's Adam Lambert plus Friends".
  2. He was fucking horrendous when I saw him supporting Slaves last year. Throwing up on stage multiple times, arguing/throwing things at the crowd, kept repeating "fuck Theresa May" as he hasn't got decent crowd bantering skills etc yet if he was professional and didn't act like a giant penis on stage I'd be disappointed if I ever saw him again.
  3. I like the way as many types of music fans as possible is basically just rap and guitars.
  4. Well they have one date during R&L, hence why they would have to fly to the UK, then back to US and back to UK again.
  5. They are touring in the US at the time of Reading so if they would play they have to fly to the UK, then back to the US and then back to the UK again for it to fit. The same applies for Weezer, Interrupters and Fall Out Boy.
  6. It's a strange tour from Refused, they are co-headlining it with Thrice but after I got tixs for Brixton they had downsized it to Sheppard's Bush. I'm surprised by that as I would of though it'd greater than the sum of its parts and could of pushed to a bigger venue than what they both normally play. I'd imagine with a new album to promote they will be hitting a few festivals next year.
  7. I mean it's a tribute band, it's not like they are booking Muse or Foo Fighters, they can't be that expensive especially when they wouldn't be an exclusive.
  8. He must of bought an early bird ticket then
  9. ^there's not much to get me excited from that announcement.
  10. These guys get the thumbs up from me too, they are a fucking quality band.
  11. That's not true, they pushed young and upcomers like Def Leppard to headline status too.
  12. Why would they? The tour is heavily loaded as it is and the support isn't gonna be someone that big. I'd prefer it if they announce The Interrupters who is the US opening act as the UK ones once their tour is done. For anyone fans of Jimmy they are playing in Kingston, London(ish) next month. It's being arranged by the local independent record shop;https://www.banquetrecords.com/jimmy-eat-world/pryzm/JEW191019
  13. Everyone has pretty much accepted it's not happening as the logistics aren't gonna work but people want to talk about the tour and argue over Green Day playing anyway though with side talk of a holiday in LA.
  14. Is that meme from the first 10 years of the fest? I'm counting Avenged Sevenfold, Prodigy, Rammstein, Muse, Biffy and Ozzy for the 10 Downloads prior and including 2020.
  15. Their first lot of shows regardless of what music comes out from them will have people talking and I can see them headlining the likes of R&L and Download of that imo. They have released music and played live before without Flint and he's not the one who has input into their sound anyway.
  16. They headlined once, they have played at Download before that on the 2nd stage a few times. They actually spoke highly about liking the fest. I don't buy Van Halen were ever going to headline myself.
  17. It looks like Prodigy are carrying on, Howlett (the song writer) has said he's writing new music as Prodigy.
  18. I reckon the do they even want to do Download remark applies more to Rammstein. They held out playing Download for years, made a remark when they first headlined that's "it's not fucking a moon landing" (or something like that) when asked how they feel about finally playing at Donnington and are now seemingly a fully fledge stadium act with their stage production too big for festivals and arenas.
  19. Just spotted this on the press release, "In a UK festival exclusive, System Of A Down will also headline at Download 2020.", I really hope they do a London show.
  20. Who's mentioned Led Zeppelin? That'd be a great booking whoever suggested that ?
  21. They make me laugh, they finish their farewell tour and then announce they are going to be a house band for a casino.
  22. On paper KISS are bigger but I remember seeing their London show struggling to shift tixs a few months ago whilst Alter Bridge and A Day To Remember London arena shows were/are almost sell outs.
  23. I'd hate for Marilyn Manson to headline or play anywhere, he's been shocking the last few times I've seen him, his voice is gone.
  24. The funny things is Copping when he launched Download spoke at great lengths about how he doesn't want Download to be the classic rock festival as that is what killed off Monsters of Rock but it turned into that anyway.
  25. It could just be Travis doesn't want to spend months on boats to avoid flying so they are skipping Europe all together. Blink are playing an acoustic show in Kingston next month in case anyone wants to see them. Download have just announced KISS as a headliner and had Def Leppard this year, they aren't exactly the top rock acts of today.
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