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  1. I was thinking the same thing but if they actually are doing festivals in the US then maybe. They could be like Metallica where they are trying to get the young crowd by playing Glasto.
  2. jump


    Thinking about it, what happened to Paige managing them? Even if they have turned heel and because of her injury they are worried people wouldn't boo her they could at least set up an angle of them turning on her to get heat. I'm still hoping the long term plan is for Asuka to turn on Sane, murder heel Auska and super highflying face Kari in a series of matches with each other and then the 4 horsewoman would of got my money.
  3. jump


    It could be worse, her and Sane could have a new finishing move called "The Pearl Harbour" where they hide under the ring and sneak attack people. I'm not even joking I can see doing Vince doing that.
  4. I was a teen whom saw AFI over Blur It was the better choice too, Blur were doing that shit electro album and it was when Graham Coxon had quit. My mate who watched them regretted not coming with me as it was so heavy on the setlist with Think Tank songs, once they had reformed they completely dropped all of those songs.
  5. That's two different points. Download favouring dinosaurs well yeah, only a handful (if any) acts will be bumped up mostly due to a forced hand of having no one else, unless they downsize and have a mini-Friday to get around it. They can't even rely on other fests to bump up acts for them as the other rock fests are either too small or are mainland Europe based which has other bands like for example Volbeat or Die Toten Hosen in their pools. I do find it funny they held off bumping up Biffy to headliner despite having multiple chances to until way after they peaked and it just felt like a flat booking. However hypothetically if Download were to book non-dinosaurs then I could see IDLES eventually do it as they seem more likely to stay relevant and have more momentum than past hopefuls like Bullet For My Valentine who fizzled out.
  6. I'm not so sure as I know people whom are fans of similar stuff but don't know of IDLES until I've mentioned them a months ago when asking if they wanted to go to the Alley Palley show. Whilst they are never gonna be a stadium act I can see them getting to headlining festivals, I mean Download's headliners are not often stadium acts anyway.
  7. They're bit of a weird band, they have sold out Brixton and the Alley Palley yet there's no real talk about them and festivals seem to ignore them. It reminds me of The Black Keys where they were active for years, slowly gaining a cult following with no festival slots, radio play etc and then suddenly they were massive. I reckon festivals should be booking them now before they breakthrough properly.
  8. Nah, you give your name over and you will need an ID on the day but it's not like Glasto which requires registration. The quicker you buy a tix the cheaper it will be as it's on a tier system. You may want to consider getting reserved camping tix as if you get there late you'll miss out on the better camping spots which can go quickly and the last spots always suck.
  9. jump


    You don't understand, it's to protect Bray as he won the match! ?
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if Boomtown got them, they are strangely ignored by other fests and with them selling out the Alley Palley now would be a perfect time to book them.
  11. Come one, I was hoping someone would bite as I had good arguments all ready. KING GIZZARD for Download 2021
  12. I'd chuck King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Scarlxrd, Slayer, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Nickelback and Stereophonics as possible names that haven't been mentioned in the thread already. I only see Slayer on a comeback in a few years time as a real contender from whom I've named though. Also Sex Pistols if they do yet another reunion.
  13. jump


    Paint by numbers formula booking ain't going to help to WWE and in any case WWE's biggest PPV, the Saudi blood money show, is up first which is what this is building to. Even if you do "need" a heel to be champ for 'mania, why Brock? They have had him in that role multiple times now and the pay off has been whimpers. Samoa Joe can sell it, Bray can get people talking, AJ can make it a "DREAM" match, Bryan did it perfectly last year etc.
  14. jump


    They are just doing this so they can Hogan style get Brock a win back. They had this before with Goldberg and Lesnar, it added nothing to the feud and ultimately makes the belt worthless with their reluctance to dethrone him after. They flapped about too much with Rollins and Reigns till it felt like an empty win, damaged Samoa Joe and Braun credibility with the multiple loses. He's been an almost constant champion in WWE's lowest drawing period. They had a bunch of the oldies at ringside like Hogan, Foley, Angle etc. Tbh I'm thankful it wasn't another segment where the old timers show up the current roste.
  15. jump


    Apparently what's trending on twitter is not WWE, Smackdown, Rock, Lesnar or Cain it was Kofi instead That was just shitty, and it looked like Rey Mysterio, a legendary former champ, was at school and needed a bigger boy to fight off the bully. I like how they used The Rock, it wasn't like when Rollins needed 50 years olds to save him and then left Seth out of the celebrations, he and Becky seemed like equals. The sets look better than the Raw ones, the C shaped things in the titatron looks like a tunnel.
  16. One of the possible problems with the OP theory is that you are posting under usernames rather than real names. I once attended an artist Q&A session once and they mentioned if you looking to break into the industry don't try to use pen/fake names as there's extra steps that make it more complicated to protect your work and they were stiffed on payments over it.
  17. For an overseas gig it makes sense. If you have trouble with flights, there's another Thomas Cook type collapse or whatever that's you tixs money back since it'll be a lot of harder to resell the tixs if you're in another country.
  18. She will probably go onto do stadiums/park shows and I'm not putting her down but before she's held as the second coming at the moment she is just riding her momentum. Her live shows have previously been with limited capacities so only a limited number of people have seen her with this being the first chance to see her on a mass level as opposed to how many tixs she can keep shifting once established. It's fairly standard for this to happen when a band breaks through and there may be a dip to only 1 night at the o2 in the future rather 4 nights when more casual music fans have seen her and the hype dies down.
  19. It's about the same as it was last year. Tbh with the fest "downsizing" there probably will be less discussion over IOW in the future.
  20. I wanted to get a Boomtown hoodie but at the festival they had sold out of all sizes that weren't XS. I order it the week after and I've finally got a it's been shipped email this morning
  21. Was anyone there for when The Darkness headline back in the 00s? They had one 30min album and a xmas single yet were given an outright headline spot.
  22. Don Bronco are a Slam Dunk exclusive.
  23. Cloud based accounting systems are becoming the norm now, the last 3 places I worked at have all used them. I can't stand them myself as the speed dips too much, especially around month end when all of the people are using it for reports and uploading data.
  24. Ducking automobile! Fucking autotype!
  25. You mistyped Download 2020 as Sonisphere
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