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  1. Millie Manders (who are fantastic live!) has announced their stage times, they are playing on the Friday night at 12.30. Now if only all the other acts could announced their times I could get a clashfinder out.
  2. Efests has put a review up. It only covers the first week and there's no mention of the free tixs shenanigans. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/allpointseast/2019/review.shtml
  3. Wheatus aren't big but that I listen to Iron Maiden song is though. I did the same and went to Fest for SB6 and Random Hand at the end of the night. SB6 were fun but I kinda got buyers remorse and wished I went to see Hands Off Gretel instead after finding out they are supporting Bosstones later this month. Yeah it's odd without Koko, back in the days of The Camden Crawl it linked better with venues like Purple Turtle around that way too. I think Crescent Coffee next to Mornington Crescent was apart of it last year too.
  4. jump


    The IIconics have now overtaken the Bayley & Sasha as the longest serving women's tag champs, am I right thinking they haven't even defend the belts yet?
  5. I agree but this got started after someone saw their merch which is a shirt that says kill tory scum.
  6. I have never seen a band hate the crowd as much as Raging Speedhorn did lol
  7. I'm not sure you will be able to get from Lyttleton Arms and Black Heart that quickly to make it worth it tho. I came out of Good Mixer after Funeral Shakes and saw across the road the line for the Electric Ballroom was massive so I decided to not even bother trying to get in for Frank Turner and saw Queen Zee and a bit of Towers Of London instead. Great first day, Millie Manders was the stand out for me.
  8. You might be able to go to the box office on site so they can sort it out. Tbh it may just be easier to "win" another pair.
  9. Having no lines at the bar was the highlight of the day for me.
  10. Dappy is playing, he's young and hip right?
  11. The Interrupters were main reason I went this year, it was the 3rd time I saw them but they are a pain to see live. They are at the early stage of American band starting to tour Europe so it's at support slots for huge expensive bands like Green Day or playing venues too small for them whilst they figure out the audience size like selling out the Boston Music Rooms in London.
  12. Well they aren't giving the tixs to fans themselves tho, they are giving it to their partners/sponsors (which is normal for stuff like this just not on this silly scale) to build relations with them who are then giving them away which muddles the shit up.
  13. Apparently that is what was happening, it wouldn't scan and people were told to walk through anyway.
  14. There's been so many free/comp/cheap tixs that some of the companies like Vodafone/Show Film First or whoever may have added their own terms and conditions which voided them when resold or it could be the buyer just reported it as invalid due to changing their mind/feeling uncomfortable with something about the tix and Stubhub notified the seller. Tbh this has become so complicated there could be loads of reasons why. There were people saying on the gate there's been trouble getting the comp winner tixs to scan properly.
  15. Ah, ok. I'm from London so I'm only use to seeing grey concrete or black roads rather than flowers and grass. Nice review but besides Beans On Toast all of the bands I would have seen like Stiff Little Fingers, Skatalites, Dreadnaughts etc weren't mentioned tho.
  16. Am I missing something from the first line? "The fields are yellow with rape", is rape a type of flower or something?
  17. I think Slam Dunk is abit different as they are using multiple stages and headliners to sell the festival rather than one (even if one of the names is bigger than the others) so they can get away with repeat smaller headliners. Besides it's not as if they are fussed with repeat bookings.
  18. Honest question, whom do people think we get the biggest crowd today? I'm seeing a few people on here and in real life talking about just going for RTJ/NBT/Idles but leaving before Bring Me come on so with all the freebies tixs about I reckon there's a good chance Bring Me don't get the largest audience despite on paper them being the headliner.
  19. Someone posted a pic of the bar prices a few pages back.
  20. Unfairly harsh but I like the put down.
  21. You can't forward tixs you've won on Dice, only the ones that have been bought. I've just accidently won tixs to Bring Me The Horizon and I'm trying to sort out my mate logging into Dice as me on his phone to use them.
  22. Double check the email and make sure it's not for All Points East.
  23. I get what you're saying but I don't think that's quite right. I'd equate it to new album hype + current fanbase rather than it solely being the previous album. The expectation of the band was to have a well received new album (which Opposites was even if it didn't hit the heights of Only Revolutions or even Puzzle) to prop them up abit. It has started getting to the point that bands only release new albums to promote their tours rather than the other way round as interest does wane without new stuff.
  24. That's very generous of you to give away those tixs, I'd hate to lost £130 like that
  25. Biffy Clyro will be entering their nostalgia phase soon/now where it doesn't matter how their singles or albums chart as it's only old 30+ somethings that turn up to their shows who want the classics. I wouldn't rule them out of R&L if they are scrapping for a headliner but they are more likely to go for some WOKE rapper who talks about cumming on Asian girls faces.
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