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  1. As good as the big names are I really like the selection of small font bands too. Moscow Death Brigade, The Inspector Cluzo and Guerilla Poubelle were loads of funs when I've seen them before. I really need to get some mates who'd be up for festivals in Europe.
  2. Fuck sake, they were the most enticing band announced.
  3. Prodigy are continuing, Liam has mentioned he's working on new music as Prodigy so at the very least they are releasing new music. In terms of legacy probably Frank Turner, he's the act that has played the most and has new stuff to flog.
  4. Do they do much for the LGBTQ community though? I honestly don't know and I just thought they were a modern day Spice Girls, occasionally they will do the odd Comic Relief or whatever charity single for publicity rather than being some sort of U2 preachy activism band or have big gay following like Lady Gaga.
  5. I think you're splitting hairs, Less Than Jake are just as bad for being a constant present in the Slam Dunk line ups as Reel Big Fish are.
  6. I personally see NoFX, Bad Religion and Less Than Jake as almost identical to NoFX, Pennywise and Reel Big Fish in terms of stature and audience, it's very samey imo. It's only the first announcement so I wouldn't be shocked if The Interrupters are added later as they were fairly low last time and have a UK tour to sell first. Speaking of which they have added Buster Shuffle and The Skints as their support bands, that is gonna be a quality night.
  7. Yeah, those shitty bar queues is a massive deal breaker for me. Did Slam Dunk ever comment on it?
  8. I haven't seen The Vandals in years but I'm still not sold on the line up yet.
  9. I always think the same thing about them, they're just ridiculously middle of the road when they play live. I'd be talking to someone who is a fan and I'd try to avoid shitting on how shit they are live.
  10. I'm glad your enjoying Download but everything you're describing like drinking, free hugs etc is at others festivals too. I'm not saying Download is a shit festival, just a typical one.
  11. I just went to post a link to show they did but you're right. They were announced but pulled out and were replaced by Lenny Kravitz in the 90s. By bad!
  12. You also had a big sub in The Libertines reunion too.
  13. If Chili Peppers are playing Glasto they aren't headlining it, Emily said they have two headliners booked who have never headlined before and then Paul was announced as the 3rd who has previously headlined. I hope they stick to their own dates, I'd don't want them popping up at any fests I'm going to.
  14. I'm not sure on what to make of the "we go for the experience, not the bands" point, as an overall festival without looking at the acts it's a kinda average experience outdone but a lot of other fests. It's only because they have the market cornered for big heavy/rock bands that I'd consider going and even then it has to be something more worthwhile than the likes of Deaf Leppard.
  15. It's a joke based on last year where tixs were heavily given away. There were competitions which you win just by entering, phone providers were giving them away for an admin fee of £2, seat filling companies were being used etc.
  16. They don't put out the papers til around 5ish am at least at the stations I've seen it at. I'm hoping for Rage Against The Machine or Arcade Fire, I wouldn't mind My Chemical Romance (they have always been good live but I'm not really a fan) with a decent undercard.
  17. They have their own London stadium dates, also they are probably too big for APE.
  18. jump


    He needs to either turn heel with his shtick being a company muppet that fancies himself as the best showman both inside or outside of WWE or get good at twitter.
  19. jump


    It's the best job ever for him, he's on a WWE show but doesn't work for them and gets paid to shit on how shit WWE is. The moment he comes out is a bit climatic for such a big "return", it's to 4 people clapping whilst Paige is shouting is it rib over and over again.
  20. I would of thought he'd be too much of a risky booking because of all of his cancelled dates due to poor health. KoRn came to mind (children of the corn) but they probably aren't big enough, maybe AC/DC or Slipknot?
  21. I've just finished watching the first season 60 Days In, it's an US show where averages people go in jail for 60 days with hidden cameras watching them. There's a lot of talk from the warden about how they want to do this to fix problem in the jail and there's some interesting bits like jail etiquette, watching some of the contestants changing their outlook on prisoners/the system etc but at time it feels too much like typical reality tv with getting obnoxious people on tv for their quick fame.
  22. It probably too small but did they play Key Club in Leeds? They have working relationship with Slam Dunk, also as they are based in Leeds so they could just being going to the show themselves.
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