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  1. I know you're joking but Josh and Brody have played at the same event before, that Finsbury Park show a few years ago had Brody on the smaller stage with Queens headlining. That was a fantastic line up ruined by one of the worst bar and queue systems imaginable!
  2. jump


    That sucks! The guy was really cool and he was proper taking off.
  3. jump


    ^I was gonna watch Summerslam but then I didn’t. It’s not really to do with having no crowds but the continued problems of it being an average product. The only real feud I found interesting was Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville but with the nutter fan trying to kidnap Sonya they have understandably had to change it.
  4. That’s a real loss, RIP!
  5. I've just seen Biffy are playing a big outdoor show in June next year, which is a bit unusual since Download headliners haven't played elsewhere the same year in ages, especially as Biffy are one of their smaller headliners. Do people reckon that means Download will be more willing to have their headliners play elsewhere the same year now? It could help with some of the major acts that haven't played before like Green Day, Foo Fighters etc if they could do their own shows or appear at other fests too.
  6. I very annoyingly missed it as I had something come up at work.
  7. I always see the lower main stage spots at festivals as perfect for new bands. New bands don’t have an extensive amounts songs so the shorter set length plays to their advantage rather than bigger acts who have to make cuts to the set lists.
  8. I get what you’re saying but that’s shit.
  9. I'd ignore it, it's probably linked to some rubbish. They weren't really rumoured, people were speculating as to who the secret set arena band was and their name was thrown out a guess along with loads of others.
  10. Where's the tour date info from? It's not on their official site. There's been a few things like this before when it turns out it a fan made Facebook account was the source and picked up by other sites/apps making everyone think it's true. Saying that I wouldn't be overly shocked if they were Slam Dunk headliners.
  11. Just speculation but it might be because him and his wife had an agreement that they would rotate how active they are with their bands so there’s always one watching the kids. However it turned into Brody being less active whilst QOTSA kept getting bigger so with The Distillers back (and even without releasing something it’s already bigger than everything she did since they broke up) it may a chance for him to be supportive to her. In any case I suspect they will be touring just not in solid 8 month runs from now on.
  12. They are only on their 2nd album and their subset at R&L was really well received. It seems too early to write them off.
  13. That's a typo, it was just 31 people
  14. Not selling out is putting it nicely. APE struggled (in general but BMTHs day seemed like one of the worse) so they gave away free tickets and it was still a small crowd, it looked more like an Alley Pally gig than a park festival. It's a shame as it was a decent line up too with Idles, Run The Jewels, Black Futures etc on the bill and BMTH themselves looked like a headline act when they were on. They should just let the likes of FFDP and BMTH headline anyway, it's not as if them repeatedly booking KISS or Def Leppard is making it 100k+ attended festival and regulars go regardless of the line up.
  15. They should have gotten BMTH to headline whilst they were white hot a few years ago and it was harder to deny how popular they were. Enough time has passed for them to have headlined it twice now. There’s always Def Leppard to fall back on for when they are stuck for headliners.
  16. Not sure about Skunk Anansie headlining the second stage, seems too much of a stretch, but in the last few years have gotten a lot more respect despite not really growing. At the least old 90s alternative bands are more progressive than old 80s hair rock I think some of their newer stuff is decent, it's getting less soft alternative which seemed to be the focus after their comeback and more rock. This Means War has a cool hard rock groove to it for example;
  17. Yeah but I'm struggling to remember which one had more space though. I went to Impericon for Cancer Bats and The Bronx where I went straight into the pit so I didn't get a chance to see the tent properly. You'd think with the lack of alcohol there it would be easier to remember.
  18. They accepted the second stage headline slot of Slam Dunk last year though. Actually thinking about it they might have been on the third stage at Slam Dunk.
  19. Speaking of Crepper their new album which came out on Friday is quality. They my end up being my gig of the year too as it was one of few I went to before the lockdown seemingly cancelled all live music this year.
  20. I might be wrong but looking at the poster it appears Distillers aren't headlining the second stage as there's a space above them so they wouldn't be on at the same time as KISS.
  21. Seems abit unfair to single out Knotfest when it was cancelled before they even announced the line up. People on here seem too eager to say things like it didn’t sell out without actually knowing what it did sell.
  22. It was with an eBay voucher from a week or two ago. It was the most expensive of the bunch, I think £26 is what I paid for it, before the voucher it was £30. I love how horribly creepy the atmosphere is in those games.
  23. I've always found the Paper Mario a bit meh myself. They look amazing and the first few were decent but they become too simple. I've just got Saints Row 4, the Bioshock collection and Wolfenstein 2 for £20ish each on the Switch
  24. There was speculation that All Points East might have grabbed Rage since there US shows were being run by the same promoter.
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