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  1. 2 minutes ago, Spiral_Low said:

    I'm not saying I distrust him. I'm just saying stuff changes. Like Pearl Jam were booked to play once and dropped out. And BMTH supposedly refused to sub Rammstein after being told they would headline. 

    I don’t buy the likes of Pearl Jam, Rage on their first reunion, Foo Fighters etc were ever actually booked. I reckon Copping enquired but never got them to sign on the dotted line. They seem to be quite bad at that sort of paperwork stuff as he gotten pissed bands like Faith No More and Lost Prophets when they were headlining were billed as exclusives but then showed up at other UK fests.

    I was looking at old IOW line ups (which takes place around the same time as Download) and saw they have managed to get The Sex Pistols, Foo Fighters, The Who, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chilli Peppers to headline who are all names you would have thought would play Download instead since it’s a larger capacity fest.

  2. 2 hours ago, gfa said:

    Maybe if Gorillaz gets canned someone / multiple acts from that day will get moved to the National day as a way to try and perform damage control or something.

    This is what we’re looking at right??

    Friday 19th Gorillaz - bus, tube, overground

    Saturday 20th Field Day - overground, bus

    Thursday 25th Tame Impala -

    Friday 26th National -

    Saturday 27th Disclosure -

    Sunday 28th Nick Cave - 


    could weekend 1 be binned off altogether? Only doing 1 day that is very effected by strikes may not even be worth bothering with, as it doesn’t have the economies of scale that 4 days in a row have. I guess most of the money is spent now though

    If doesn't work quite like that, if you lose one day the costs of the other days goes up too making both weekends at risk rather than having a couple of days losing money. Plus one of their biggest expenses the acts would still have to be paid when it's binned this close.

    I wonder if they will consider doing a shuttle service which goes from APE to the major train stations like Victoria/Waterloo (you'd only need to do one of those since people can change at Clapham Junction to get to the other), Paddington and St Pancras. It wont help everyone but those are some of the biggest places people will be coming from and are easier than Victoria Park to get to if you're a city dweller or if Big Green Coaches will add APE in the last minute to do services from the surrounding London areas like Kingston, Chelmsford etc for the national rail strike day.

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  3. I dunno, it’s not like IOW have the strongest set of headliners every year so just because he’s not The Killers or Ed Sheeran I wouldn’t rule him out. I could see Jamie T being a co-headliner with someone like Disclosure or Bicep playing after him like when The Black Keys and Prodigy played.

  4. 35 minutes ago, NWUYC said:

    Honestly, what are the chances of the Gorillaz day being cancelled? Just seems like a logistical nightmare and people won’t bother going. Will it be damage limitation opening the gates, or would it make more sense for them to cancel?

    as mentioned above post, I live right by VP, and it’s chaos/carnage at the end of APE without the Tube/Train/Bus strikes to account for. Will pose a risk and I Doubt LBTH/LBH will be ok with it.

    As it is after 90 days before the event it likely means APE will still have to pay the artists some or the full amount of their fees which is standard thing in contracts, that’s a big hit to take.

  5. This is becoming a nightmare now. I wanted to see King Gizzard more than The National.

    The bus strikes happening on Gorillaz day affects North and East London depots which is a fucking pain since I live in North London and trying to get to East London. The 253 and the other buses going to Hackney is a big blow for me getting there without tube.

    The list of buses affected on the Gorillaz day is below.

    North London

    Edmonton Garage

    158 Chingford Mount to Stratford

    259 Edmonton Green to King’s Cross

    N279 Trafalgar Square to Waltham Cross

    Enfield Garage

    121 Turnpike Lane to Enfield Island Village

    279 Waltham Cross to Manor House

    313 Potters Bar to Chingford Station

    318 North Middlesex Hospital to Stamford Hill Garage

    349 Ponders End to Stamford Hill Garage

    377 Oakwood Station to Ponders End

    W6 Southgate Station to Edmonton Green

    Palmers Green Garage

    102 Brent Cross to Edmonton Green

    141 Palmers Green to London Bridge Station

    329 Enfield Town to Turnpike Lane

    340 Edgware Station to Harrow Bus Station

    675 Walthamstow St James’s St to Woodbridge High School

    N102 Golders Green to Edmonton Green

    Tottenham Garage

    19 Finsbury Park to Battersea

    41 Tottenham Hale to Archway

    123 Ilford to Wood Green

    149 Edmonton Green to London Bridge

    230 Wood Green to Upper Walthamstow

    243 Wood Green to Waterloo

    318 Stamford Hill to North Middlesex Hospital

    341 Northumberland Park to Westminster (County Hall)

    N19 Finsbury Park to Clapham Junction

    N41 Tottenham Hale to Trafalgar Square

    Wood Green Garage

    29 Wood Green to Trafalgar Square

    144 Edmonton Green to Muswell Hill

    221 Edgware Station to Turnpike Lane

    W3 Finsbury Park to Northumberland Park

    W4 Ferry Lane Estate to Oakthorpe Park

    N29 Trafalgar Square to Enfield Town

    East London

    Ash Grove Garage

    78 Shoreditch to Nunhead

    106 Finsbury Park to Whitechapel

    254 Holloway to Aldgate

    Barking Garage

    128 Claybury to Romford

    150 Chigwell Row to Becontree Heath

    175 Dagenham to North Romford

    325 East Beckton to Prince Regent

    368 Barking to Chadwell Heath

    Clapton Garage

    38 Clapton Pond to Victoria

    73 Stoke Newington to Oxford Circus

    242 Homerton Hospital to Aldgate

    253 Hackney Central to Euston

    N38 Victoria Station to Walthamstow Central

    N73 Walthamstow Central to Oxford Circus

    N242 Homerton Hospital to St Paul’s

    N253 Tottenham Court Road Station to Aldgate

  6. I'm in two minds about the double stages at Download.

    They may as well have double stages since they don't let bands play during the headliners anyway and Download only seem to make some effort on the top half of the line up so more big spots means more effort however dual festivals like Hellfests have shit loads more stages so there's always something to see which Download doesn't have and with Download booking a lot of shit already plus some bands were only getting 25mins means I can imagine it could lead to long stretches with nothing worth seeing.

    Basically Download books a lot of shit so I don't think dual main stages would fix that problem.

  7. 1 hour ago, mjfromthelane said:

    Definitely a lot of tickets seemingly going unused but think that is more down to the typically younger Boomtown demographic x severe lack of hype with no line up/no festival from last 2 years to look back on.

    It might hit the festival in the pocket a bit but I'm sure no one is going to complain about a couple of thousand less in the Downtown area.

    People reselling their tixs seems to be quite common this year, lots of festivals not just Boomtown have rolled over tickets so people are changing thier minds two years later as well as some people are still worried about covid and the heat.

  8. 47 minutes ago, jparx said:

    Yeah, glad someone has said this. Also, bit surprised at the number of comments in this thread lamenting the loss of edge from bands and shows nowadays, when we’re talking about a festival where women were raped and molested in the crowd. Comes across tone deaf, to say the least.

    It seems like an easy target to keep blaming the "edgy" bands myself, I know Glasto doesn't embrace heavy music but it has started coming across as small minded attitude to music on here and ignoring the actual problems. Like for as many times as folk keep repeatedly saying you don't mean heavy you actually mean white male privilege bands you had Rage Against The Machine who's most prominent members aren't white and feature socially conscious lyrics they were burning flags on stage and also Killing In The Name lyrics was being chanted as the riots happened or the non-heavy Fat Boy Slim who whilst he played someone was being raped in a stolen van in the crowd.

    There's a big difference between someone like Korn who just want to play some heavy shit and someone like Motley Crue who do celebrate c**tish attitude towards women but have nowhere near the intensity of a Korn performance which is what I miss from mainstream rock music.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Isaact said:

    "Heavy music" and "rock and roll swagger" was always white, exclusionary, and just a bunch of over-privileged men throwing their toys out of the pram for no reason.

    The cutting edge moved on to dance, and electronic music. I imagine NYC Downlow would give you a greater sense of danger than Korn ever did.

    I’m not sure about exclusionary, most of the gigs I go to are DIY punks bands who are preaching about inclusion. A good few of them aren’t even white men either. 

    NYC Downlow is cool but it isn’t even an artist.


  10. 16 minutes ago, m4tt said:

    Agreed. But it's the only band on those line ups that I think could headline or secret set.

    There was a new pic on "The Pretty Boys" (Don Broco) Instagram account a month ago. They've used it twice for Reading already so perhaps a bit obvious.

    They stopped having headliners that big ages ago, Bury Tomorrow seem the most likely to me from Bloodstock but I’d love to see the reaction of Dimmu Borgir being announced from the R&L tweens.

  11. 21 minutes ago, Benj said:


    Think someone predicted this exact occurance way a while back!

    At least Carole’s daughter may not clash with BHTH now, HO999 ain’t really my bag though so stuck with AM, or an early night really 



    Ho99o9 are great live even if you don't like their music. When they were supporting Prodigy on their last UK with Keith (RIP) some of my mates who hate rap (I know they aren't strictly rap but that's what they were calling them) loved them, they should be able to get a good pit going.

  12. 20 minutes ago, 1986 said:

    Don't understand this "I miss the sense of danger" stuff. I've been to plenty of heavy gigs in my life, been in plenty of pits or whatever but never have I thought to myself "I wish someone would start a fire now, this is all too predictable."

    No one is saying I wish the band would tell me to start a fire now. It's more of the decline of heavy music and bands that have a rock and roll swagger in the mainstream. Like Download just had KISS headline as that's how desperate they are for acts, whilst they are still some heavy acts coming through they aren't breaking into the mainstream the same way as Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, Korn etc did and alot of the bigger heavy acts in recent years which are breaking through into the mainstream like Ghost or You Me At Six are fairly tame in comparison.


  13. The Netflix one is fine but I've seen better ones about it. The best retrospective I've found was on a podcast but I can't remember it's name.

    As shit as Woodstock must have been for people and as idiotic as it to say well heavy music made them do it after watching the series I do miss bands having a sense of danger to them from those days even if it is Limp Bizkit. Watching Sam Fender even with a saxaphone solo is dull!

  14. 16 minutes ago, Benj said:

    Just like no one gives a shit about your subjective opinion on what kind of music  you find dull or not

    You’re right though It’s a very simple indicator of popularity, alongside streams etc.

    if Tame Impala can’t sell out a 45-50k show, Reading are hardly going to go, oh yeah let’s have them top the bill of our fest. And again if they sell 44/45k it’s very different than if they only sell 20k (which we don’t or at least won’t know until we hear from people who went, don’t think anyone off here is bothering though)

    I don’t mind Tame Impala at all, it’s abundantly clear they’re too niche to be a top of the bill ticket shifter for a very mainstream festival though

    They’re perfect MSW fodder. Popular, credible and have the show to do it, they’ll be a whole world of “Tame who? Announce Carti” Shouts on Instagram etc though if they were announced

    But again, lets apply that to Rage who haven't sold out their Edinburgh show, the same logic should apply they aren't big enough then but they are as it's not that simple.

    Streams are another simpleton's attempt of festival analysis, just look at the constant Yungblud argument on here. lol

  15. 16 minutes ago, Benj said:

    It’s also on a Thursday.

    The fact is they’ve not shifted the tickets, while Fender, who no one is suggesting would MSE above, sold out similar capacity well in advance.

    Tane Impala are not a flagship festival selling band, they lack the mainstream appeal of Fender etc…

    Prob a decent MSW booking, nothing beyond that at Reading though

    To be honest I don't give a shit about Impala or Fender as neither would make me buy a tix on their own although I'd prefer Impala headlining rather than Fender.  Impala are pretty decent live whilst Fender was so dull when I saw him last month, I'm told the setlist was the problem that night but he just looked average to me even with a saxophone. 

    I'm just bored of these it's not sold out therefore they are failure analysis arguments, it's like baby analytics which ignores all other variables and simplifying it to a binary of sold out or not sold so even if it's single tix away from being sold out it's treated like it's a trainwreck of an event. It's like people are trying to be insiders based of their knowledge of tickermaster saying it's sold out or not facts is the same thing as a percentage sold through or something.

  16. 3 minutes ago, Muppetmark said:

    Ally pally is exactly 2x brixton with wembley being 2.5x brixton. The copper box can grow into that in-between venue (1.5x brixton) if it books more shows

    Ally Pally capacity is 10,400, Brixton is 4,921 then times two it's 9,842 so Ally Pally is 558 more people than Brixton times two. Ally Pally has it's drawback though as there's no seating so it's not always viable for bands that have older audiences who can't stand up for longer than 20 mins without getting out of breath.

  17. On 8/1/2022 at 8:25 PM, Benj said:

    Still can’t see Tame Impala headlining Reading, they’re just too Niche. 

    MSE is deffo a stretch too. Struggling to sell their day at APE and again just not a big name draw. Swap them with Fender maybe  

    Lattitude seems a much better fit

    I wouldn't read too much into how APE sells, we just know it hasn't sold out and it's a weird festival. We can use the same logic on Rage for not selling out their Edinburgh show and say they aren't a big name draw even though they are headlining.

  18. 24 minutes ago, jonnyisRFC said:

    I know London definitely hasn’t, there’s no way they’ll sell out 12,500 Wembley arena. 

    In fairness I don't think they were aiming to. If they played Brixton it would have sold out which means scalpers can over charge for tixs and it will leave some fans unable to go which is a big shame for a reunion tour so a bigger venue is welcomed but there is no in between capacity venue when jumping from Brixton to Ally Pally/Wembley, even if you played Brixon twice it's still not overall as many people.

    I know people like to stupidly measure tours as being successful is every gig is sold out but that is such a basic binary view where to sold out means successful and not sold out means failure when bands generally start making a profit from a show when the venue is about 70% sold.

  19. 22 hours ago, NoBuses said:

    what did you make of the stadium? Keen to know as a spurs fan and how it compares for gigs!

    I’ve been there recently for a gig.

    The drinks choices are shit as you have to leave the pitch if you want something other than beer and as most of the steps are roped off it’s a longer trip too, I can’t comment on what the crowds are like leaving as I have family in the area so went there to avoid the wait but I heard it was a pain for others, the sound was fine but not fantastic and you can go out for a smoke which is nice. Its not bad and better than Wembley and MK stadium but London Stadium is the best for gigs I’ve been to and Emirates Stadium is the worst.

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