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  1. JPixie

    Old Glastonbury T-shirts

    I think I've got t-shirts from 07 and 08 at home that you can have. I think they're men's/unisex ones, size either small or medium. One purple, one green. I'll check at the weekend and PM you.
  2. JPixie

    In search of Field of Avalon t-shirt to buy/swap

    Thanks for replying tjamest and for the t-shirt offer! Got to love those random drunken purchases! I expect the xl t-shirt will be too big for me but I'm willing to give it a try if no one else out there wants it. Let's see if anyone responds to this bump.
  3. This is bit of a long shot. I'm looking to buy/swap a medium green Field of Avalon 2017 t-shirt. I bought the small sized one and foolishly didn't try it on until much later. Turns out it's a bit tight I've tried contacting the organisers to see if there are any left but no reply yet. Does anyone have a medium one (preferably green/grey) they'd like to sell, or would you like to swap a medium for a small?! I had a lovely Sunday night in Avalon this year and the t-shirt makes a great souvenir, just wish I'd bought a slightly larger one!
  4. JPixie

    Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.

    Too slow, I've deleted myself
  5. 5.5 days to go! I am already in holiday mode. Time to set up my Out of Office...
  6. JPixie

    Songs that give you a Glastonbury feeling

    Good one! Far From Home also reminds me of Glastonbury.
  7. JPixie

    In two weeks time i'll be...

    Putting my tent up and meeting new people at Camp Solo
  8. JPixie

    Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    I'm a long time lurker and a bit shy but as I'll be going solo for the first time this year I'll try and pluck up the courage to go to the meet.
  9. JPixie

    Overheard funnies

    rawrsomesauce's post reminded me of another one from our walk back to the car for the 2nd trip on Wednesday. Enthusiastic guy to his mate dragging a trolley through the mud: Don't worry, we'll get you a motorised one for next year! Grumpy mate: I'm not coming next year. Made us laugh. Hopefully he changed his mind before the day was out.
  10. JPixie

    Overheard funnies

    Waiting to cross into Silver Hayes when some vehicle was passing and one of the crowd decided to start directing the traffic himself. The female steward said something like "Oi, I'm the one with the fucking whistle", and someone else said "It's Adele!"
  11. JPixie

    Change Name

    Hi Neil, Please can you change my display name to JPixie? Thanks