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  1. I hope so. Saw them a few years ago at Bearded and they went down a storm. Cracked up at the mum in front of me who covered her young son's ears and ushered him out of the crowd 2 songs in saying "no no no no no" 🙂
  2. Blackout + Wasted are on a par in my humble opinion
  3. Felt this at the time and still agree now. Cocaine + Axl's ego tainted everything in sight
  4. First time was 94, changed my life. Last time was 95. Changing location circumstances & friends stoipped me going again. Been attending Beautiful Days and Bearded Theory regularly since they began and the desire now to experience Glastonbury again is stronger than ever. I lurk around this part of the site as it's the most entertaining - except when Glasto's on then I avoid it altogether due to being unashamedly jealous
  5. I've just been on YouTube. He's still got a set pipes on him. They're sounding tight live 👍 I need some Jizz back in my life
  6. TBH I didn't know about them til I googled them after your post. It's just Jizzy now? For me no Skid = no Love/Hate. I saw them touring their 3 albums in the very early 90s, all at the Astoria, and they were awesome gigs, great fun. Even met them at a signing at Tower Records for Let's Rumble - there were hundreds in the queue, no joke. Jizzy was miserable and Skid was drunk, all the girls wanted a photo with Householder. What's the new incarnation like?
  7. The 20th tour, just before they played One Way. I'm not sure about the length or the supports that night though as I'd been imbibing like it was 1991 which was foolish - somersby and skunk is no replacement for strongbow and soapbar. I don't think they had it on the 25th, I drove to Pompey for that one and it was great fun. I agree with you about Simon. Dan Donnelly did a great job standing in but I'm an annoying purist with some bands and the original members & songwriters. Some bands just aren't the same without the original lineup, the Wonderstuff have proved then bucked that trend since Phoenix though so are the exception to the rule!
  8. At the LTL 20th anniversary tour they opened with a half hour film showing political and sociological events which influenced the album's themes when released in 1991, then showing key events over the next 20 years, and it was weird hearing a louder crowd panto boo for clips of Blair than for Thatcher. Christ knows what events they'd include for the 10 years since then... Was actually disappointed that the Southampton gig changed from the Peace tour to LTL anniversary with the rescheduled date as the Peace album is in my opinion more relevant for now than LTL. As it happens it's now the day after the Ozrics in Brighton so I've got a refund as at my age I'll be a mess after, but am starting to think I'm destined not hear the new stuff live - at BDs I was at the bar twice for 2 of the new songs then in the toilet queue for Our Future. Bad timing Dave, bad timing
  9. There are some really nice and really expensive tents abandoned here - that's nuts
  10. My 14th Beautiful Days, 7th going solo. I hate camping, I hate portaloos, I hate mud, and I hate queuing. But I love the great bands, friendly people, gorgeous scenery and happy faces. The good times far outweigh the annoyances for me. Desperate for live music again I headed for my favourite bands rather than discovering new ones, standout performances for me were Frank Turner, New Model Army, both Levs sets, James, Ferocious Dog and Alabama 3. Highlight though was every now and again remembering that this festival very nearly didn't happen, that I shouldn't be there, that it's been 2 mad years since the last one - then that would make me grin or well up and I'd start dancing again x
  11. Great to meet people on Thursday, thanks for arranging Crazyfool 👍 Had an awesome time, spent 98% it in a haze and nice to bump into people again over the weekend. Am jumping into sobriety from 1st Sept so burnt the candle at both ends, am feeling it now though 😁
  12. Time to logoff and let the excitement take over. Safe travels efesters - see you for a beer in Devon 👍
  13. Brilliant stuff - thanks! I'll be wearing a Lawnmower Deth t-shirt and a stupid grin 👍
  14. I've not knowingly met any of you before, except for Scottie while he was dressed as a seagull, so how will I know it's the efests meet? I leave my smartphone at home BTW and take an old PAYG one, I have history of losing gadgets
  15. Recent years I've gone for quiet / family camping even though I'm on my own as I am old and need my sleep! I can sleep through kids making noise early in the day easier than the hubbub in the arena camping, although I miss being near all the bars & stages and the Tiny Tea Tent (love that place). In the early days I used to camp near the Exodus > Leviticus tent as the bass coming through the ground all hours was a gorgeous way to drift off to sleep 😁
  16. Davey Malone, Hobo Jones and Funke & The Two Tone Baby are all great fun live - will likely be very busy for them unless there's clashes. If you're lucky you could see them over the weekend performing elsewhere sometimes near the Magpie vinyl stall, I think they put up a chalkboard with times each day. I've not seen Muddy Summers before but have heard they're good live. Have seen some great artists at the Bimble who I've never heard of before and now love - I think it's where I discovered the above as well as Gaz Brookfield, Frank Turner and The Leylines early on in their careers 👍
  17. Agree with the above 👍 Dreadzone is a must for me, always get me smiling. The Orb, Mungo's Hi Fi and Slipmatt will be nice too. Will be weird seeing Alabama 3 without the Rev but they are brilliant live. Peat & Diesel will be fun, and I might finally check out the Doonicans, lots of people say their Sunday morning set is a winner. I saw Damien Dempsey years ago in the Big Top and he was amazing live. I have these plans, I memorise the times, then I spark up and it's anyone's guess what I end up watching 😀
  18. Long time lurker and this year I would love to meet up on the Thursday. Something about lockdown has made me sociable 👍 Cannot WAIT to get celebrating. I've been going to festivals since 1994 but never have I been this excited 🍻
  19. Cheers Paul 👍 It's going to be a cracker
  20. Cheers. That was my dread. No slight meant to Placebo, far from it - they will be brilliant, but for me The Flaming Lips at Bearded was potentially going to be orgasmic, especially based on their last few albums. BUT - this festival surprises me like no other and there are always gems to be found, usually bands I was not fussed about who send me away grinning from ear to ear. Damn I miss live music. Damn I miss Bearded Theory
  21. Great announcement - do we know who Placebo are replacing from last year's headliners?
  22. NOFX and Less Than Jake - did not see that coming! Nice :-)
  23. Good call - I must be getting old though as I only recognised a handful of those artists...
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