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  1. justanotheronethen

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    U OK, Hun?
  2. justanotheronethen

    Football 18/19

    That was great fun 👍 Why we can't replicate that in the league is beyond me - perhaps this is the kick we need. I don't know what happened to West Ham though, their heads were down from the 1st whistle, I was expecting a 4-0 drubbing by them
  3. justanotheronethen

    2019 Line-up Announcement

    Great stuff 👍 I always see other lineups coming out and try guessing who's been booked then am always nicely surprised. Still loads of acts yet to be announced
  4. justanotheronethen

    Who's going?

    Was watching some of them live on YouTube earlier - we could be in for a treat. Otherwise there's always something else good on at BDs, I've discovered some real gems by chance there
  5. justanotheronethen

    Who's going?

    I'm doing both this year too - what a brilliant festival BT was
  6. justanotheronethen

    Things that ur happy about

    A day after eating a packet of these and your tongue hurts when you breathe. Unlike these - these make me happy
  7. justanotheronethen

    Things that ur happy about

    Is the 'something' Countdown, and the 'something else' a six bag multipack of different flavoured Hula Hoops? If so then I too recently experienced the very same happiness - good on ya :-)
  8. justanotheronethen


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5r5eJ5MzLY On your side
  9. justanotheronethen


    Nobody has confirmed that's its definitely not ABBA. Just saying.
  10. justanotheronethen


    Don't shut me down, man - I still have faith.
  11. justanotheronethen


    Chill - it'll be ABBA
  12. justanotheronethen


    True - I seem to remember asking for ABBA that year too, to no avail sadly
  13. justanotheronethen


    I'm just going on what Mark Chadwick told me, and he told me it's ABBA. I have no reason to doubt him. ABBA or KT Tunstall.
  14. justanotheronethen


    It's ABBA
  15. justanotheronethen


    I bet it's bloody ABBA. Again.