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  1. Hi Erin There's the crustybus running every 2 hours from Exeter St Davids station to site (check the BDs website for timings) and it's usually a Stagecoach double decker - if you can get the trolley on then you'll be ok. I've been impressed in the past about the size & quantity of what people can get on the bus, but obviously once it's full it's full 👍
  2. Can't remember specifics (can't remember much of anything anymore tbh) but it irritated me. Interviews, not musical content, about the issues of the day
  3. I think it's more of an issue in this era where social media dictates appearance as acceptance, it leaves little room for intelligent debate - keep scrolling, there'll be something to agree with shortly. Maiden, Pantera, Queen, Ice Cube, Sleaford Mods, Public Enemy - all artists I'll gladly listen to and pay to see live, but whose frontmen / drummers have all aired opinions I disagree with. I'm stable enough with my own opinions to not be swayed by theirs, even when it's hinted at in their lyrics. Kiedis though, he's been dropping hints about his wrongness for 30 years now
  4. The belligerent denial and supposed naivety of the organisers of Woodstock 99 is sickening. Greedy bastards.
  5. Great move by Russell after the safety car at the end there
  6. I've met him in real life, he's a lovely bloke and always has a smile to cheer you up, so it makes me happy to see him on telly. Back in your bin, Oscar x
  7. I have nothing constructive to add to this conversation, you are all doing a fantastic job. I just wanted to post on page 666. Cheers x
  8. I've booked a hotel nearby so this year's Beautiful Days will be experienced straight - my first sober since I started with Glasto in 94. Camping at Bearded Theory this year caned my back by Saturday morning, plus I want to see what it's like when I don't mask my massive social insecurity with substances. I'm finally catching up with my age! However, if it's torrential rain, then I'm getting trolleyed - no way I'm putting up with that mud 🙂
  9. I won't have my phone with me over the weekend, what time do you think the meet will be and is it at the Woodland bar? Cheers
  10. An efests meet would be good - where does it normally occur?
  11. Primal Scream were on the original lineup subbing Patti Smith, I'm wondering if it will be them. The Charlatans would be awesome instead though, one of those bands I've liked for years but never gotten round to seeing
  12. I hope so. Saw them a few years ago at Bearded and they went down a storm. Cracked up at the mum in front of me who covered her young son's ears and ushered him out of the crowd 2 songs in saying "no no no no no" 🙂
  13. Blackout + Wasted are on a par in my humble opinion
  14. Felt this at the time and still agree now. Cocaine + Axl's ego tainted everything in sight
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