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  1. NOFX and Less Than Jake - did not see that coming! Nice :-)
  2. Good call - I must be getting old though as I only recognised a handful of those artists...
  3. I'm wondering if it was maybe Alabama 3 doing Exile and the delay in announcing was due to their commitment to some other festivals and planned gigs in December
  4. What a fantastic festival, I had a great time. The best one yet. Friendly people, hardly any queues, quality bands, sunshine and a lovely layout. They've nailed it. Still buzzing ?
  5. Close call! I've been resigned to relegation since Feb but very very pleased to be proved wrong. Looking forward to seeing what WaG can do next season with players they'll recruit rather than who they inherited. Cull over the summer for the lazy gang I reckon, but I hope we can keep Rambo in goal, legend ?
  6. There's only one pair of strides, and they're your own, your own, your own
  7. Ha! I am competitive but hampered by being absolutely hopeless at FIFA. Even the training is a struggle. If I was to wait until I score (onside) the Orb will just be finishing Little Fluffy Clouds ?
  8. Weds night train Chichester to Croydon, FIFA then sleep on mate's sofa Thurs 07:20 coach from Victoria, onsite after lunch Tent up, read programme Relax ?
  9. Episode 4 of the latest Alan Partridge thing. Brilliant stuff ?
  10. That was great fun ? Why we can't replicate that in the league is beyond me - perhaps this is the kick we need. I don't know what happened to West Ham though, their heads were down from the 1st whistle, I was expecting a 4-0 drubbing by them
  11. Great stuff ? I always see other lineups coming out and try guessing who's been booked then am always nicely surprised. Still loads of acts yet to be announced
  12. Was watching some of them live on YouTube earlier - we could be in for a treat. Otherwise there's always something else good on at BDs, I've discovered some real gems by chance there
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