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  1. Wow, yeah I didn't realise there were this many options. I would also like some advice am considering Camp Bestival for next year. Is it tough to get a decent spot in the normal camping? The Camping Plus option appears that have quite a few places gone already so clearly popular. Is that just because it's easier or is normal camping a nightmare for big groups/tents?
  2. Back in May they said 90% of tickets are sold, obviously that could be a sales tactic but reckon it'll be close to capacity, especially as they have gone for an increase next year.
  3. Hi all, I have a Thursday ticket available for resale at Tier 1 price, through the official resale on ticketsellers (all legit). One of my friends sadly unable to go - https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/dc0a1b7883a3437dbf39f32fa82790a7
  4. Nas' most successful song is "Getting Jiggy Wit It" which he wrote for Will Smith (true)
  5. Macca3031

    Craig Charles

    I don't think it'll be that rammed in the day, plus he'll be there for 5 hours or something so I wouldn't be too worried about getting there early. Going to try and head up for some of it but depends where the mood takes me.
  6. Can someone please describe to me SXSW. I've been to the Great Escape in Brighton and the Camden Crawl, how similar is it to those two? Also the tickets are something like $600. Is that right or are those delegate tickets? Couldn't find where normal punter tickets are, if those are them then that seems pretty damn expensive. Also these after parties, do you have to be in the industry to get in?
  7. Macca3031

    chemical brothers 2011

    Looking through some old festival magazines the other day. I'd forgotten that the Chems played Dance East in 05. Anyone here see that? I saw the Stripes that night. I'm guessing the tent was rammed beyond belief.
  8. To be fair, Michael Eavis making claims about having the best line up ever for Glastonbury isn't exactly "news". Still, having them pretty much signed up is good news I guess, hopefully they'll tell us on October 4th who they are.
  9. They will have dogs at the train station, if you're driving then there shouldn't be any problem but if you're going by train you'll need to be careful. Make sure it's well hidden somewhere and wrapped up several times to lessen the smell. I've also read putting ground coffee or chili powder with it (in between layers of clingfilm) can put off dogs but I don't know for certain. The dogs at the station are the proper ones which means they can only do it for a short amount of time and then they need to go back to the van for a bit. Most of the time when there's a dog around they're just looking for people's reaction so play it cool.
  10. It could end up being Beyonce, with ME regarding "years and years" as since her husband played here two years ago.
  11. Whitney Houston headlining with Amy Winehouse sub-headliner. Bolivia announce national holiday. Can't see it being anyone but Mags if it's a female, though ol' Michael can come out with contraditory statements sometimes, it's either his age, that somerset cider or he just likes to play around with people. Could get tempted to see that old skank, she does have a lot of hits.
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