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  1. Wow, yeah I didn't realise there were this many options. I would also like some advice am considering Camp Bestival for next year. Is it tough to get a decent spot in the normal camping? The Camping Plus option appears that have quite a few places gone already so clearly popular. Is that just because it's easier or is normal camping a nightmare for big groups/tents?
  2. Back in May they said 90% of tickets are sold, obviously that could be a sales tactic but reckon it'll be close to capacity, especially as they have gone for an increase next year.
  3. Hi all, I have a Thursday ticket available for resale at Tier 1 price, through the official resale on ticketsellers (all legit). One of my friends sadly unable to go - https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/dc0a1b7883a3437dbf39f32fa82790a7
  4. The said on facebook that Toots would be opening so assume about midday on the Friday
  5. Toots is opening the Lions Den on the Friday according to facebook. Sounds good to me
  6. In previous years there's been no announcement of lineup before the festival. You have to pick up a guide when you're in (£8 or something like that I think). I like to get one and have a look through, although I know I will actually turn up for only a couple over a weekend and just explore the rest of the time. It works better for retracing your steps afterwards to know who you've seen
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