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  1. popcornmaster

    Mad Cool 2018

    Same (but Valencia). The idea of heading straight back to work wasn't working for me.
  2. popcornmaster

    Mad Cool 2018

    Me too :| Valencia train, by any chance?
  3. popcornmaster

    Mad Cool 2018

    I've never been but came across this bar menu for 2016. Hopefully only add 50c (1€ max) on to those. I believe MADS refers to one euro.
  4. popcornmaster

    Mad Cool 2018

    Tasty that. Glad Metal has been brought back.
  5. popcornmaster

    Mad Cool 2018

    Must admit I preferred the preliminary Clashfinder line up to the revealed one. 4-way clash with the Arctic Monkeys which I was hoping would pad out the Friday for me (my weakest day). Fair few clashes on Saturday too. Particularly, Weval vs QOTSA. QOTSA highly influenced me buying a ticket but Weval was a pleasant surprise and I've not seen him before. Overall though it works out at 40€ a day and that's basically the price of seeing one of the acts so I really can't complain.
  6. popcornmaster

    All Points East Festival 2018

    No worries. I'm sure the dogs play a real part in it but they say their nose only stay potent for 30 mins or so, so it's definitely also a dance between dog & man. I can't speak for passing to women. Gut feeling would say you're probably right but I've nothing to really back that up.
  7. popcornmaster

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Bluntly put, yeah. The stewards and handlers definitely work together to identify people who they think will be more likely to be carrying. In terms of timing, I reckon it's always going to be the luck of the draw. Busyness has its pros & cons. My mate managed to slip past whilst a dog was occupied last year.
  8. popcornmaster

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Presumably, they have to match the same licence criteria that Field Day & Lovebox did on the same site? Field Day had plenty of dogs just after the turnstiles aimed at the punters walking in and being walked towards those that their handler's had profiled.
  9. popcornmaster

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Yeah, Field Day's craft stuff was ok. It was the most reasonably priced stuff there (if I remember correctly) which isn't saying much either.
  10. popcornmaster

    All Points East Festival 2018

    No real clashes for me (or just clashes between things I've already seen a few times so I'm not too fussed). Were Vessels always announced to play Friday? If so, only just spotted them and that's a great addition.
  11. popcornmaster

    Mad Cool 2018

    I've been playing it for 4/5 days and I'm still undecided about it. Lack of bangers is a bit annoying, I always seem to catch them on a slow album tour. Additionally, It feels a bit of an ego project from Turner (I've read unconfirmed reports that it was largely him on his piano alone who wrote it?). That said there are some pretty great tracks on it, I just don't see how they'll translate live.
  12. popcornmaster

    Sound City 2018

    Hardly an exhaustive list but I've been slowly making my way through the Spotify playlist and made brief notes. Strictly my own notes ('*' are of particular interest to me) but thought I'd share if they help anyone else. Baxter DuryIDLES* - Punk/Post-PunkThe Night Café - Misc IndieJAWS* - ShoegazeBlack Honey* No Hot Ashes - Like a budget Everything EverythingPLAZA* - Shoegaze/IndieZuzu?The RPMsHAARM - Like All We AreBenny Mills - Lofi RapChelou? - Ambient LofiKing Nun* - Placebo/Pixies/NirvanaHanover - 80s Indie/Talking Heads/Franz FerdinandLucia - 90s RockMarsicans*Modern Strangers - like nzca linesWye Oak* - Bit like Beach House/Bat for LashesDana Scout - like howling bellsPark Hotel - shit friendly firesSorry** - Bit grunge with cockney croaker. Decent placebo.The Oreilles - Ok indie/surf rockThe Bohos - Big 80s sound throwback indieFine Creatures - Like a calm/shit soundgardenYoungblud - Shit early Arctics MonkeysVundabar* - 90s Rock/Pixies/LA Shark hectic styleNight Flight* - Jeff Buckley song structure/chord progressionsOlympia - Ok - Female indie popHockey Dad* - Feeder if Feeder were good# DropkickMan* - Absolute Irony Grime (actually quite enjoyable)Geowolf - Ok - cross between Kero Kero Bonito & Stealing SheepOtzeki* - Like Hot Chip mixed with BonoboHusky Loops* - Interesting use of melody, sounds like Chris Martin and Ninetails
  13. popcornmaster

    All Points East Festival 2018

    If she plays Mouth's Cradle I'll be happy.
  14. popcornmaster

    Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    The balls on this guy are borderline admirable.
  15. popcornmaster

    Baltic Weekender 2018

    First wave of acts announced for another (of many) Baltic Triangle festivals this year. Seriously tempted for Romare live. Anyone else looking at it? Got any recommendations to push me over the edge?