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  1. Cheers for all this Massively helpful. I'll digest it all and do more research. Thanks for the heads up about how busy the river gets at the weekend. Might skew the trip so that I'm mainly there in the week and just one day around the party side.
  2. Hey @Newjem Sorry, slightly off-topic. After Colours, I'm looking at spending some time around the Czech Republic. I've noticed that finding hotels in the smaller towns is a bit of a pain even though the towns seem large enough. All the big hotel aggregate sites seem to have very little choice or say that they're sold out. Is that because Czech hotels sell out really early, there are far fewer hotels than I'd expect in those size towns or there's a better place to find Czech hotels? I know for Ostrava I've found the directory on the Colours page useful as it identifies loads of places that aren't on Booking.com etc and I've booked my accommodation directly with hotels but not having much luck elsewhere. Currently, I'm considering Národní park Šumava/Lipno/Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area, somewhere peaceful and near Český Krumlov and Ceske Budejovice, as I'm looking to kayak down the Vltava. If you could point me in the right direction or even provide any recommendations of interesting countryside regions that would be massively helpful. No worries if not
  3. Ooo nice to see a bit of activity on this board Glad to hear that there's a set date for The Cure. I searched their tour dates but they conservatively say all 3 days (looking at the space between gigs though I gleaned that they wouldn't be playing the first night at the very least). Foals would be a very pleasant addition. They're pretty much everywhere this summer so I would have assumed that they'd have already announced it. Any pointers on who to check out in terms of the undercard? I rate Jazz & Electronic and already know Olafur, Mogwai & Sons of Kemet.
  4. Got to say I'm a little disappointed so far. Although, thinking rationally, it's still good value to just see The Cure. Are there any Czech-based rumour sites/forums equivalent to efest? Any word on big names left to be announced? Is it fair to assume that The Cure & Florence are headliners and we should expect one more?
  5. Cheers! Glad to hear that the beer is still good there and they've started to improve areas. The café on top of the tower looks interesting, it wasn't there in my time.
  6. I've picked up tickets almost solely to see The Cure. Mogwai are a nice little addition but I saw them there about 8 or so years ago. Anyone been in the last few years? Anyone going this year? I went years ago and wonder how it compares these days? Still got treacherous large-rocky paths? Beer still dirt cheap? Bramborak still everywhere?
  7. Yeah, looking at the map it looks like food will be quite compact again. Glad to hear it's not bad though. Cheers
  8. What's MadCool (or Spanish festivals generally) food like? Burger and fried chicken vans? Or something more interesting?
  9. Isn't it just! NIN definitely pips it though.
  10. Haha... The Champions League final is still a touchy subject for most of the group.
  11. Never heard of it, sorry... To be fair, it's not just the hangover issue. I'm going with a group of 12/13. I wouldn't be able to convince everyone to go to The Prado (which is fine I could go alone) but it'd be nice to get a few easy-going activities we could all do. Beach is definitely the level of suggestion I'm looking for but as @johnybgood has pointed out - it's going to be a mission to get there and back in the day (unless there's a Paris Beach equivalent thing I don't know about?). Plus, I'm heading to the coast after the festival.
  12. Has anyone got any interesting things to do in Madrid - mid to late afternoon? I'm sure there's plenty to do in the capital but realistically I can't imagine I'll be schlepping around museums and such whilst hungover and in the heat (as much as I'd like to visit Madrid culturally). Just looking for things that compliment the festival's opening hours. Something not too strenuous and to combat the heat.
  13. This is borderline the start of a sensible time-frame. It's not like the Glastonbury threads which (I bet) are already talking about 2019 weather predictions.
  14. I think it was the 11:55 one which was teased to me on both Renfe & Trainline but disappeared as I went to complete the order. Same, I wouldn't have expected an additional train at a lower cost closer to the time. I have to think positively and be thankful I won't be the last person leaving 12-man Airbnb.
  15. No. Annoyingly, they've released cheaper tickets/sorted their website out.
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