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  1. LCD mentioned earlier in the thread. I think someone in LCD said they weren't playing.
  2. Well, I guess what I'm saying is I really like them... and if they did play it would be great. But I can't see it being on the BBC introducing stage perhaps the park, but even then, personally I don't think it will happen. I'd like to be proved wrong 😀
  3. They were coy about it when asked about the 2020 festival + they have previous.
  4. I'd love it if they did, it would be a massive coup for the festival. Out of all the options park would be the most likely.
  5. Because they have released 6 albums, been nominated for various awards, never played live, have lots of collaborators, don't even speak to the media, are very political. Why would they want to play to a small tent? Also presentation of the music must be very important to them, they wouldn't want to play in the middle of the day. They aren't trying to flog anything either, so there is no reason to compromise on any values.
  6. Totally agree, they are fantastic and if they ever play live it will be a massive deal but I can't see it being tossed off in the middle of a festival to people who may not know who they are. Also, they have no reason whatsoever to do it. I can't see it happening at all.
  7. One of the most critically acclaimed acts of the last 5 years that are incredibly secretive are not going to play bbc introducing at lunchtime.
  8. It's been discussed earlier in the thread. In summary, not impossible due to dates but very, very unlikely.
  9. Starting work, looking at the forum, thinking about any final packing, printing final clashfinder.
  10. As said above. Zero chance of Kate Bush playing Glasto ever. The run of live performances were a one off.
  11. In a way it's my most hoped for thing because I would love to see a swifty acoustic set of folklore/Evermore. And in a way its the thing I want least as I would put all my plans on the bonfire to be there and it would be packed. In a way I would rather she headlined next year (and I get a ticket)
  12. Cool, dependent on when I'm pitched up I may wander over then.
  13. I get in at 20.30, then gotta pitch up and so I reckon I'll be too late. Never been on a Wednesday so it's a shame cos I would have liked to pop down and say hi.
  14. Folklore and evermore were my favourite albums in lockdown, I think they are exceptional. I would miss anyone on the lineup to see a swifty stripped back set. I don't think she has done a gig in over 3 years though and is doing the taylors versions of albums. Don't get me wrong I would love it to happen though.
  15. Now, I'm not bold enough to say it isn't going to happen.. . But why would the hottest act in the world right now, breaking records across the globe with his new album, number 1 single in the UK for over a month need or want to do that? He'll headline the festival he doesn't need the promo of a secret set at the park right now
  16. Some storms mothers are better than other storms mothers
  17. Yeah 2003, 2010 and 2019 were great weather wise. So much better when it is sunny.
  18. There can be really good people on at the greenpeace stage. In 2009 I saw Laura marling and (pre first album) Mumford and sons. Neither of them were on the poster and Laura marling wasn't on any other stages.
  19. Just reorganised my travel arrangements from Thursday to Wednesday. I guess the upside is I will have longer on the farm. The downside is that I have to take another day holiday and my wife will be looking after the kids for an extra day on her own.
  20. The Clashfinder site is just a guys hobby basically. It does the job it was originally set up to do.
  21. Mine arrived this morning 😀
  22. Wow that is cool. Glad you enjoyed the gig. Yeah I'm a massive radiohead fan so if they are at latitude I will be there. So back to the hyperthetical question of whether radiohead could headline latitude. Obviously a lot would depend on whether they get back together and do another album/ tour. I've seen them 7 times over the years. In some respects they kinda just do what they like, I've seen them at reading and v festival as well as glasto 3 times the Oxford South Park gig and an arena gig in Cardiff. I get the sense that another glasto would be a long way off, they aren't a reading sort of band anymore (although they could), so you are left with all points east, british summertime, or latitude all of which are possible... or they do their own thing, which they have done several times before. I reckon they would go down well. I know the crowd has changed at latitude from the days of Anthony and the Johnstons and sigur ros but they still have slightly left of centre acts.
  23. That is how it happens though. I work for a big company and we build the app, test it, sign it off on our side so we are happy to release it and then submit it to Apple and Google and it is in their hands when it goes onto the store.
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